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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The BMWMCCACT Inc. is a Incorporated Association and "organiser" of events under the COVID-19 health directions of ACT and NSW governments.

The maximum permitted group for an organiser is 20 persons and at a venue with a COVID-19 safety plan and generally 1 person per 4m2 rule practising social distancing and personal hygiene.

If you are planning a personal ride or one with friends know where you can and cannot ride and what restrictions may be in place for where you are going.

You must register for Club What's On events and DO NOT ride if you have, think you might or been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, unwell or traveled in or through designated 'hot spot' risk area.

The Club takes care in planning rides and events, that can change at short notice.  If in doubt contact the event coordinator.

Not riding yet, then you are encouraged to continue accessing the Club website and member blog and Facebook group.

What's On...

Ranking of Club Rides

Want more details on What's On registration, click here.

How do I nominate a Ride or Club Social, Community or other motorcycling related event?  Click here.

The Club is affiliated with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs and approved to operate a financial member Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS).  CRS motorcycles can be ridden to any marked (Club Event).  Members see the CRS page

The BMWMCCACT invites other riders of CRS motorcycles to join them on Club Events provided you record this invitation in your log book on the day.

The VVC Club invites owners of CRS motorcycles  to attend their Club events.  This invitation is to be recorded in your log book on the day.

Looking to buy or replace your riding gear.  MotoCAP independently tests and scores motorcycle apparel. Click here or the logo.

The ranking of Club rides gives YOU an indication of rider skills, experience and motorcycle preparedness - TS1-4 or GS1-4.  This is a SUBJECTIVE scale and open to individual interpretation.  YOU remain at all times responsible for your participation in any BMWMCCACT event.  If in doubt email the event contact.

TS1.  Beginner.  A day ride on sealed main roads (not including road maintenance).

TS/GS2.  Member.  Day or overnight ride on secondary sealed or formed gravel roads (expect corners, potholes and bumps, dirt).  Carry and know how to use a tyre repair and first aid kit.

TS/GS3.  Experienced.  Overnight + ride on variable sealed/gravel roads and distances subject to environmental factors outside planning control. 

TS/GS4.  Adventure.  Multi-day long distance / off road ride for the experienced rider with first aid, some mechanical skills and tools for basic repair beyond tyres.  Typically no same day assistance will be available and at some cost to the rider to transport rider or motorcycle. GS riders need to carry a backup snacks and one meal & water for a day minimum.

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