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BMWCA National Motorrad Rally 2021 (NMR21)

  • 11 Jun 2021
  • 15:00
  • 13 Jun 2021
  • 14:00
  • Condobolin, NSW (TS3)


  • The BMWCA National Motorrad Rally is open to any current member & partner of an Official BMW Club.

    There is a base rally entry cost, plus individual meal options. Registrants need to book and pay for their own accommodation. A list of providers is on the event webpage.

    Please include the invoice number and your surname (as much as will fit) to the EFT transaction details when paying.


Updated 11 May 2021

The first 90 early registrants will receive a memorabilia gift at the rally.  Rallyists 91+ will receive a memorabilia gift likely after the rally and distributed through the nearest BMW Club.

Munich Motorcycles are major supporters of the rally raffle.  Along with the 3 host Clubs, be sure to buy your ticket(s) on line or at the rally and chance to win.

 The BMW Clubs Australia National Motorrad Rally 2021 (NMR21) will be co-hosted by the BMWOCSA, BMWTCNSW and BMWMCC over the Queen's Birthday long weekend 11-13 June 2021 in Condobolin NSW.

NMR21 is open to any financial member of an Official BMW Club and their partner as a guest.  The rally is not open to the public.

Rallyists will need to register their and partner attendance and pay the entry fee and selected meal and activity options. Click for BMWCA NMR21 Event Information.pdf (subject to change).

Rallyist's are responsible for organising and paying for their own accommodation including any cancellation fees charged by providers.  A list of accomodation options is listed in the event information.

NMR21 Raffle

We are excited to announce that Munich Motorcycles (WA) have offered 3x$100 in-store vouchers as major raffle prizes at NMR21.  You can purchase tickets online, when registering or at the rally.  You do not need to be in Condobolin to win.

Note:  The organising committee decision is final and prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.


NMR21 and venues are subject to COVID-19 safety rules.  There is no refund for registering, but we will send you the badge as a memento (rallies are not without costs unfortunately).  Do not come to the event if you have or suspect you may have or been in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 person.

The organising Clubs are not responsible for any border closure or mandated or self quarantine costs or losses.


BMW Clubs Australia Inc (BMWCA), BMW Touring Club of NSW Inc. (BMWTCNSW), BMW Owners Club South Australia Inc. (BMWOCSA) or BMW Motorcycle Club Canberra Inc. (BMWMCC) are not responsible or liable for any injury or loss by any registrant attending and during the National Motorrad Rally 2021.  This includes travel to, at and from the rally.  Your registration to the event is acknowledgment and acceptance of these conditions.

The BMWMCC Inc. is not responsible for the content of external sites.  Read Why.

© BMW Motorcycle Club Canberra Inc. (BMWMCC) 2021.  We changed names from BMW Motorcycle Club ACT.  

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