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  • Dry Lake Racers Australia - 31st Annual Speed Week, 2021

Dry Lake Racers Australia - 31st Annual Speed Week, 2021

  • 08 Mar 2021
  • 09:00
  • 12 Mar 2021
  • 17:00
  • Lake Gairdner South Australia


  • Make own way. You need to be self sufficient to/from Mt Ive. Keep me informed.


Speed Week 2016

Read this it's important

The most up to date information is on the DLRA website

Lake Gairdner is a LONG way from anywhere.  There is a $40pp spectator fee for the week or part.


From the DLRA

The DLRA conducts its annual Speed Week at Lake Gairdner in South Australia. It's straight line speed on "the big white dyno", as fast as you can go on a salt lake in the remote Australian outback. There is no setting like it anywhere in the world, it is a truly unique event in a spectacular location. There is an amazing range of cars, motorcycles and trucks dating from the turn of the century to modern day.

Spectators are welcome, but you need to be self sufficient.

Traveling from Canberra?  General information

Held on Lake Gairdner South Australia, ~1600km from Canberra with a map here.  The nearest camp with fuel, water, showers and toilets is Mt Ive Station 38km from the lake.  You need to bring everything else.  Bush camping is conditional as is riding on the lake (never mind the irreversible damage to your bike).

Racing is weather dependent and requires a hot dry pre-summer.  Serious crashes and other admin issues can cause a delay to or cancellation of racing, so plan an extended trip though the scenic Gawler Rangers and districts as a backup.

The BMWMCCACT Inc has no involvement in the organisation of this event.  Any Club participation is at the members or public's own risk, including injury, damage or loss.

Club members have gone in past years and planning to this year, so register if you are interested.  Given the locale and gear required it will be 4WD but feel free to ride your bike as part of a supported group.

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