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  • Off Centre Rally (OCR) 2016 - Mungerannie SA

Off Centre Rally (OCR) 2016 - Mungerannie SA

  • 13 Aug 2016
  • 09:00
  • 14 Aug 2016
  • 17:00
  • Mungerannie Hotel, Birdsville Track SA


  • The OCR is a personal test of adventure and requires a large degree of self planning, independence and contingency. Accidents can and do happen, with recovery of rider and motorcycle expensive and moderately difficult.

    This registration is non-binding and registrant responsible for making their own travel arrangements.

Updated 21 July 2016

The northern parts of South Australia, SW Queensland and NW New South Wales have received substantial and unseasonal rain fall.

Some roads have been reopened under a 'travel with caution' advisories, others remain closed or 4WD only.

Currently the proposed outbound route is to Wilpena Pound (area) where we will reassess and if the road north is closed or considered unsafe then take an alternate southern ride to the SA peninsula and Kangaroo Island returning to Canberra on the 20th August in time for the BMW Clubs Worldwide 100 year Celebration (Club Event).

For the serious adventure rider then the OCR is a classic.  Held every two years and requiring a minimum 200kms of dirt to a remote Australian location decided at the preceding OCR.  Follow the story on ADVRider.

For 2016 the destination is Mungerannie Hotel along the Birdsville Track SA. Where's Mungerannie?  About 1900km from Canberra and by Google here.

The social gathering is Saturday night the 13th August with some 200 riders expected from all the corners of Australia.

Riders need to make their own arrangements for solo or group rides whilst being self sufficient and prepared for contingencies.  Recovery of people and motorcycles is expensive from this part of Australia.

Check the road conditions for:

The BMWMCCACT has no involvement in the organisation of the OCR.

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