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  • 30 Jun 2015 22:20 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    For those Facebook using members, we now have a page (or click the fb icon).  The page is under development by novice users, so bear with us or be prepared to volunteer as the Club Facebook guru.

    Facebook offers something the Wild Apricot blog doesn't, the ability for members to upload not only the words but pictures, links and videos of your latest ride, buy or story.  You can still use this 'blog' and time will tell what forum members prefer.

    Only Club members are currently allowed to join and post and please respect the blog rules and remain mindful that you and your posts are representing an Official BMW Club to the world.

    Garry Smee

  • 30 Jun 2015 20:06 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    For the campers and rallyists out there.

    If your budget won't stretch to a Kermit or Helinox chair, then Aldi's version may be what you are looking for at only $29.

    On sale this Saturday 4 July 2015 and sure to sell fast; details here.

    I can recommend both Kermit and Helinox chairs having had both for several years and excellent quality.  Once agin Aldi may well shake the tree with this Helinox copy.

    Aldi is also selling a soft dry bag that could be confused with Wolfman luggage and offering a cheap way to get into adventure riding luggage.

  • 30 Jun 2015 13:39 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Moto3 rider Niklas Ajo shows stunning commitment, crossing the finish line on his knees after a spectacular save at the Assen Moto3 GP last weekend.  Via YouTube

    Members can access subsidised rider on and off road skills training and refresher programs through the Members Information Area.

  • 29 Jun 2015 14:04 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    CPoY Tally @ 29 June 2015

    Club members have embraced the 2015 CPoY competition.  There is still plenty of opportunity to get in the running - by attending 'Club Events' before scoring closes in early December and before the Awards and Christmas Dinner.  The top ten after the 29th June Monthly Club Meeting are:

    • Martin Robertson, 20 (excluded as a committee member)

    • John Kemp, 18

    • Garry Smee, 16 (excluded as a committee member)

    • Dave Morgan, 14

    • Ian Hahn, 12

    • Jeanette Hahn, 12

    • Stacey Carpenter, 8

    • Sue Morgan, 8

    • Sue & Russell Ball-Guymer, 8

    • Four members on 6 points.

    There are a host of members on 2 points.  So why not have a look at the Club 'Event' calendar and get you and your bike out on a ride or event.

  • 26 Jun 2015 23:05 | Bruce Barter

    I decided that I was not very confident when following Dave, Gary and crew on some of our dirt rides and when I got my new R1200GS I decided it was time to do an Adventure Riding Course with BMW.
    I went to Broadford for the 2 day course and had a great time. By the end of the 2 days I felt much more competent with my bike in the dirt and am looking forward to doing some dirt rides with the boys now when I can get away from home.
    I highly recommend doing either a Road training course or an Adventure course to improve your skills an your safety as well as having a great time when doing these course.

  • 25 Jun 2015 09:07 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    The BMW Club of Victoria held a Christmas in June dinner at the Old Priory in Beechworth in Victoria and invited the ACT BMW club to join them.   54 people turned up for the event including 17 from our club.  I, as the VP, represented the Pres. at the event.  The event is normally known for groups of people to sit together so a decision was made to break them up.  How to was discussed.  Following a suggestion of Martin Robertson on how to do the breaking up i.e. by using birthdays, the seating was arranged e.g. those born in January will sit at Table 1, those in February will top up Table 1, March will sit at Table 2 and so on until all 7 tables were full. Latecomers were directed to empty seats on any table.  Of course that were those who didn't want to be sociable about it at all.  I was buttonholed by an recalcitrant Victorian women who told me in no uncertain terms "I've paid my $50 and I will sit where I want to and with whom I want to!"   I thanked her for joining in on the spirit of the evening as she huffed off to "her" table.  

    So the evening went; muster outside the dining room for a pre-dinner drink/chat then at 1830 move into the dining room for some free drinks.  At 1900 a sit down at the "birthday tables" occurred.   Entrée was then served followed by one of three quizzes being conducted.  During the night, the answer sheets for the quizzes were being passed between tables for marking then back to the Vic clubs VP and I to mark.  Dinner followed then the second quiz was conducted then desert and then the last quiz - a quiz off between two of the tables with the highest score - with Martin R from our club representing his table (Table 2) and winning it. Well done that man.   The night wound on with people slowly leaving to go out into the cool night to wake up next morning with ice on bikes and cars.   All commented on how well the event went with particular mention of people sitting at tables with people that they may not have known that well.   A good night was had by all.

    ACT club member Graeme Jones from Bega was possibly the one from our club who rode the longest distance to get to Beechworth with his travel distance being approx. 740 kms "according to his GPS" he said.   Martin R advertised our clubs Kosciuszko Rally to all those at the dinner.

    During the evening, the Victorian Clubs VP, Don, suggested to all that the next Christmas in Winter be held at Beechworth as the venue is ok, the ride distance isn't too long for both clubs and there is plenty of accommodation in the town for all.   Watch the clubs 'What's On" for more info as the time draws closer.

    David Prest
    Vice President

  • 24 Jun 2015 09:18 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    SCUM (South Coast United Tourers) host the Casper Rally at Bumaroo Ford on the Abercrombie River.  In my opinion this feels the coldest rally of the year, even more so than the Alpine Rally at Yarrongabilly.  Perhaps because at the bottom of the valley, the sun sets early and under clear skies a frost is assured.  This year's 30th rally was down on numbers at ~60 to other years, but nonetheless enthusiasts still had a good time.  I had a traffic free ride via Tarago and Goulburn on the R1200ST, stopping for coffee and steak sandwich in Taralga before pressing on to the rally.  For those who ride this way, the road from Goulburn and up the range has now been rebuilt making this a most enjoyable ride.   

     At less than 200km from home I was well short of the longest distance rider who had come down from Kyogle; he may well have had different thoughts on the overnight temperature of -5.0C.  And was the recipient of the hard luck award - wearing open toed shoes.  I didn't fare any better in the raffles, missing out again.

    Club member Steve Murray (R1100RT) was also in attendance with his camper trailer before heading north to Queensland chasing the winter sun.  Steve did win a 10 pack-roll of electrical tape in the raffle; an always handy item.

    Sunday broke clear and sunny so having bid my friends from the BMWTCNSW farewell I made for Taralga, topping up my rally breakfast with an egg & bacon roll + coffee before heading home via Gunning and Gundaroo.

    A great local rally and one for next years calendar.

  • 17 Jun 2015 20:54 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Hi Members,

    Welcome to winter and as I write this the first couple of days of winter rain after a phoney start and week of sub-zero temperatures.  This won't stop us riding and I made the most of a sunny Saturday to test my new Mitas E07 on the F800GS leaving Michelago and run up into the Tinderry's that performed well on the dirt, ice, mud and water before hitting the dry stuff again for the run into Captains Flat and home.

    The Club calendar continues to have plenty of ride and social options, including Christmas-in-Winter this weekend and our joint get together with the BMWMCCVIC at Beechworth Vic.  It's not to late to register, pay and attend, so have a look.  Next month there is an overnight ride to the Clubhouse Hotel in Rockley NSW that has plenty of scenic riding and a guaranteed social atmosphere over dinner.  If overnight rides are not your thing, then why not come along to the next Club breakfast and meeting at Googong Dam foreshore.  For $5 you get a fresh egg n bacon roll and an espresso coffee!!

    The calendar also includes other motorcycle club events and activities.  If you know of one that may be of interest send a web-link or details to and look for it in the calendar.  Remember 'Club Events' attract points and put you in the running for Club Person of the Year.

    After some queries from our joint members, on not getting any emails, we found the cause.  Wild Apricot matches members with individual email addresses and only sends one message.  So, if you want personalised and delivered emails you will need to update your profile and have two email addresses.  I have contacted those members affected, adjusted some whilst others are happy with the status quo.  If I have missed you, then please email Bruce ( or me.

    Was your BMW manufactured between 4th December 2002 - 5th April 2011?  Then you should be aware that there is a recall on selected models to replace the rear carrier flange that joins the final drive and wheel.  Check the details here or give Darren Love, Rolfe's Motorrad Service Advisor a call on (02) 6208 4141 to see if your bike is affected.

    You can also read about this recall, recent rides and other news on the Club 'Blog'.  The Blog is open to all members so why not have a look and post your own ride or news story.  Please remember it is open to the public to read but not post, so check the simple rules at the top of the page before you press the 'post' button.  You can also upload photo's of your ride with captions — for best performance compress your pictures before you post them to speed things up on the viewing side. 

    The Club's 34th Kosciuszko Rally is not far away and planning well underway.  Your Committee is looking for member assistance over the weekend from Friday lunch to Sunday afternoon.  If you want to know more, see me at a meeting, on a ride or send me an email.  Need a reason to go?  Well, why not the opportunity to ride in some of the most scenic parts of Australia, enjoy an evening camping under starlit skies or just come for the day and buy a raffle ticket with a chance to win a BMW EVO6 helmet or Rally Pro jacket donated by BMW Group Australia; each having a rrp near $1000 or one of the many other prizes.  Proceeds of the rally will be donated to the RFDS - who knows, you may need them on that next big adventure.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee

  • 09 Jun 2015 22:46 | Martin Robertson

    Yes, it was that time of year again, cold so it must be time to test the sleeping bag and thermal underlayers. Dave Morgan and I headed up to Yarrangobilly via Cooma and Adaminaby to join the hardy campers for the 46th Alpine Rally. The trip to the camp site was uneventfull except that I noticed it was a bracing 4.5 degrees just after Bredbo but once we hit the Snowy Mtns Hwy where we saw snow and/or thick frost still settled on the shady hillsides, the temperature was a pleasant 10 degrees.

    We pitched our tents as the sun set and made friends with a couple of Spidermen from the NSW Mid-north Coast and shared their fire to cook basic meals washed down with copious brown and red drinks. By 8pm there was a thick frost forming on our bikes and tents but we were unconcerned as our host, Henning, entertained us all with the incandescent burning of a VW crankcase, followed by a firework show.

    Next morning there was the usual discussion about the cold, was the temperature lower that last year, would any of the air-head BMWs start, etc, etc. Dave and I waited till the frost had gone from our tents before packing up and bidding farewell to the remaining happy campers before riding the bendy bits of the SM Hwy to Tumut for lunch and then home.

    Look in the Club Ride Photo's for a couple of frosty pictures.

  • 25 May 2015 08:04 | Martin Robertson

    Looking for a capacious bag for the back of your bike? At $29.99 this is worth a look, not sure how waterproof it is, but in lime green you won't have any problems finding it in the shed.

    Cheers Martin

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