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  • 10 Aug 2015 18:03 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Are you up to date with this event?  If not, then read the latest news here or register to have the 'news' delivered direct to your email.

    Help celebrate BMW Clubs International conference in Melbourne and BMW 100 Anniversary.

  • 03 Aug 2015 22:40 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    The Wobbly Boot Tourers have taken over running the Hat Rally held in the scenic Araluen NSW a mere 126 km from Canberra and sealed road all the way.  Having recently rebuilt the F800GS front end, I took the alternate and scenic dirt road via Queanbeyan, Captains Flat, Majors Creek under cool but sunny skies arriving in Araluen at the Pub for lunch under quite warm conditions - warranting rehydration.  I only saw fellow Club member Dave Arton (R1150GS) in attendance and out for a day ride but no others.  After the usual meet and greets of fellow rallyists, 3 lemon squashes and a herbage roll I headed out to the rally site ~2km from town on Majors Creek.

    By now the site was well filled with some 100+ present with a steady trickle rolling in throughout the afternoon from near and far.  The longest distance award went to past President and current resident Victorian Bob Coleman @ ~750km (Mornington Vic).

    I set up camp with the BMWTCNSW who had some 9 members in attendance vs United Tourers (13) who just pipped SCUM Tourers at 11 as largest club present.

    The Hat Rally's claim is, unsurprisingly, a hat parade with this years winner resplendent in a Buddhist inspired rainbow coloured affair.  My pick was the leather Akubra inspired hat adorned with (allegedly) blown motorboat engine parts, whose owner lost out eventually to a round of rock, paper, scissors as the chorus of ayes was not definitive.

    The evening progressed with the familiar theme of storytelling, adventure recounting and the odd problem solving before retiring to check the tent roof for pinholes as I went to sleep.  Handy, because from 2am on it rained and rained and rained.

    By 0630 I had given up on the rain stopping and by 0700 - ready to break camp.  With only the hardiest of soles up and about, I did a best-record of dressing, packing and throwing the tent in the bag, tying all to the bike and ready to leave at 0730.  With farewells to those up and about, I left for the ride by bitumen in the rain and now wind to Braidwood (nothing open) and on to Bungendore, Queanbeyan and home only sharing the road with 1 semi, the odd car and solitary NSW HP (leaving Queanbeyan).  Apart form a massive slid at Weetalabah from a cause unknown, given it was still raining, I was home at 0900, had unpacked the bike, showered and even managed to walk Jane's dogs before lunch.  Everyone had a good weekend.

  • 03 Aug 2015 21:44 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    For the Aldi shoppers out there; after all they are German, this weekend is the motorcycle rider wear weekend.  Check out the Aldi website and gear, but I can vouch for the merino mid-layer and have the synthetic top (still in the bag).  Don't buy the 1/4" toolkit, your money is better spent buying Kościuszko Rally raffle tickets.  See you all there :)

  • 02 Aug 2015 19:12 | Martin Robertson

    Well the solid rain overnight certainly frightened everyone off. Only Bulty Bill, Alan Walsh, Jill and myself were ther to enjoy excellent egg & bacon in a damper roll with one of the strongest coffees ever. A wide-ranging and interesting discussion was had and enjoyed by us all. Headed home at 11am under sunny skies, not so good in the deep south.

    Maybe we can entice a few more members to the next General Meeting.

    Cheers Martin R

  • 27 Jul 2015 21:12 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dave (R1200GS) & Sue (F700GS), Martin (R1200R) and me (R1200ST) met at the Red Rooster Queanbeyan for the trip to Tarago and onto Rockley before Bob (F800GS) called me from the Hall lay-by - his meeting point.  We recalculated the route via Gundaroo Rd to meet Bob in Murrumbateman before heading on to Boorowa.  Our route change was also dictated by NSW RMS who had closed the Taralga road along with the highways, byways and back roads of the Blue Mountains for most of the previous week due to heavy snow. 

    Heading west via Wyangla Dam and Woodstock we joined the Mid-western Highway and it was not long before we started seeing snow piled up on the road verges.  This meant a further detour from my planned dirt and backroads to keep on the bitumen to Rockley.  The pub was full of local revellers and filled some more with our group before our sit down meal of roast lamb, steak and assorted other choices.  Publican Tommy had had enough of us at midnight and bade us goodnight.  Fortunately we only had to go upstairs.  The morning broke under bright sun and light frost.

    Sue and Dave bade us farewell before heading on to Orange to undertake a house inspection for their son Peter who now resides in Perth.

    Bob, Martin and my return leg was to prove more adventurous, with snow building though Mt David and rising to cylinder height before Black Springs.  Fortunately the mornings traffic had blazed a icy and wet track through to the bitumen.  We had the company of ~15 kangaroos who couldn't decide to hop along the road, back up the road, left or right before the lead finally sought a path off to one side and into the pine forest.  Lucky a car never came the other way.

    Whilst pondering the Taralga Road that was covered in snow, mud and ice in Black Springs a 4WD nomad + van arrived from Taralga offering this advice "going to Taralga?  You'll enjoy that ride!  Watch out for the fallen trees".

    Undeterred, we headed off into the gloom with snow deepening and having to share the single dual tracks through snow and fallen trees with the opposing 4WDs.  A technique well practised by those used to riding Bobeyan and Brindabella roads.

    We were still had snow on the road and fields until Taralga and Vines Cafe (ex-Melindas) with broken trees providing the chicane particularly in the Abercrombie gorge and rising water.  There continued patches of snow to Goulburn.  A quick dry trip was had to Tarago and a final latte before bidding farewells and breaking for home.  A great weekend had by all.

  • 26 Jul 2015 20:45 | Deleted user

    Not sure if you are aware of developments around the GS safari.  

    In short there are two on in the same week. 

    BMW went to tender for future Safaris and Maschine were not awarded the contract.  Maschine have run the previous events. 

    As Maschine were well down the track with organising a 2015 GS event they have decided to go ahead regardless.  Their event starts somewhere in the southern highlands and makes its way down to the snowy mtns and then down to the south coast. All makes of bike permitted. 
    And it finishes very close to home (Tathra). Their event is called the Trans Terra.

    BMW appointed a new provider and their event is planned to run on the same dates. The BMW event starts in the Blue Mountains and ends at Bairnsdale. It's called the GS Safari

    So it's a choice.  Could go with Maschine as they are experienced and run a supremely well organised event.  Could go with BMW and their new provider who seems to be an unknown quantity.  There's very little information so far about BMW's event. 

    Maschine event (Trans Terra) opened on Friday .   BMW event opens in a few weeks time.  

    Two similar events on the same dates! Confusion reigns supreme!  

    Richard Gallimore

  • 21 Jul 2015 12:35 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    I have just returned from a “Wilderness Safari” through the Kimberley with my wife on a 18 seater bus conversion of a Mercedes truck (with air suspension).


    We saw very few motor bikes on our trip, certainly less than 10 in 2,500 km's and only 2 on the Gibb River road but came across this young lass from Holland at Bell George just off the Gibb River road.

    She had been in Australia for about a year and bought this Yamaha 250 trial bike in Perth as a demo 7 months ago.

    After 2 months she took the bike back to the dealer in Perth, who was a bit worried to see her back do soon, but as she had taken the bike over to the eastern states and back touring over here the bike had done 20,000 kilometres and was long overdue for a service.

    She had teamed up with another single traveller in a 4 wheel drive to do the Gibb River road as she couldn’t carry sufficient water and fuel on the 250 to do the Gibb River road independently, and had then done 35,000 km’s on the bike.

    The Gibb River road is rough; I counted 5 smashed vehicle rims on the side on the road that I happened to notice along the way.

    The free spirited young lady was headed for Darwin after the Gibb River road with the intension of shipping her bike to Asia and travelling north by island hoping.

    As the Bell George is at the start of the Gibb River road I trust her travels were fair.

    I think she may have been on the real wilderness safari not us.

    Bob Ellison

  • 10 Jul 2015 23:26 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    During October 2015 BMW Touring Club NSW and BMW Drivers Club NSW are hosting a spectacular Double Header Event. 

    This event is a combined Motorcycle and Car Show on Sunday 11th October followed by the "Zündschlüssel Run" ride and drive to Melbourne from 11th to 16th October for the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island on 18th October. It is the lead up to the BMW Clubs International Conference (BCIC) with participants from the Board of BMW Classic Munich and Delegates from BMW Clubs around the world meeting in Melbourne 17th to 21st October.

    All BMW enthusiasts and club members from around Australia are invited to these two events. You are invited to subscribe to the newsletter for future updates here

  • 09 Jul 2015 22:16 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Members,

    Not only are we in a new tax year, but the first month of winter is also behind us, two to go.  I went to the Casper Rally and enjoyed an evening with members of the BMWTCNSW and relatively mild -5.0oC overnight.  The clear sunny days, little traffic and roadworks leaving Goulburn for Taralga now complete made for great riding.  Whist overall numbers were down at ~60 (from 100+) the rally still attracted riders from Kyogle (NSW) and western Victoria.

    Meanwhile the Club motel riders went to Beechworth for our joint Christmas-in-Winter dinner with BMWMCCVIC members.  By all accounts a good evening was had by all, with some members taking an extended route home on the Sunday and Monday making it a longer weekend.

    June's Club meeting saw 12 members gather at Googong Dam foreshore for the cooked breakfast, coffee and meeting in freshening winds.  A feature not readily apparent when using Google Maps to scout locales.  July's meeting has moved from Corin Dam (reports of ice) to Pierces Creek (known kangaroos) to the more central and popular Black Mountain Peninsula BBQ's; so if its too cold for you to ride then why not come in the car.  Wear your bike jacket and hope no one notices your arrival.

    The Club's What's On calendar has all the upcoming events and for those who pre-register and attend the event will be in the running for Club Person of the Year.  John Kemp is leading the field with Social Sec Martin excluded as being on the committee is its own reward.  Don't see an event you want?  Then let the Ride Coordinator or Committee know and we'll find a spot in the calendar.  You don't need to organise or lead the ride or social event unless you want too with or without support.  Don't forget to check out the Member Information Area of the website for other club offerings.

    Want to share your story?  Then consider using the Club website and 'blog' where members can write their stories and upload photos and reflecting the times we also have a Facebook page and Twitter account.  However you share your story, please remember that you are members of an exclusive group and Official BMW Club.  Posts need to reflect the Club's objectives, have a motorcycle aspect and be respectful.

    Lastly, another reminder for the Club's 34th Kosciuszko Rally on 10-11 October.  If you need more of a reason to go, then why not the chance of winning the raffle's major prize of a BMW System 6 helmet or Rally Pro jacket; both have a rrp of >$1000 and donated by BMW Group (Australia).  There is a flyer on the website, so why not print, post or share with your motorcycle friends and riding associates.  This year we will be offering a limited BBQ dinner on Saturday night and Sunday breakfast (assistants welcome) with the rally proceeds donated to the RFDS, one thats nice to have and hopefully never needed.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee
    President BMWMCCACT

  • 02 Jul 2015 12:09 | Martin Little

    With a week off work I decided to head south to Melbourne to have lunch with an old work colleague (any excuse to go riding).

    Left Canberra early Monday morning and rode in freezing fog all the way to Nimmitabel where the sun finally made an appearance. The fog was that heavy that the windscreen on the K was coated in thick ice!

    From Nimmitabel made my way down to Cann River then followed the Princes Highway through to south of Bairnsdale and then took the farm road to Meerlieu then onto Sale, Fish Creek and then those glorious back roads to Wonthaggi before pulling stumps for the night at San Remo. It was a good days ride with perfect winter weather (other than the fog leaving Canberra). Just over 700kms which was effortless on the big K.

    Tuesday morning headed back into South Gippsland to explore various back roads before heading up into the Dandenongs where I promptly got lost and ended up doing some gravel surfing. I blame the GPS, but it was good fun. Arrived at Docklands at midday for lunch before departing for Lakes Entrance at 2:00pm.

    The trip to Lakes Entrance was a simple route on the M1/Princes Highway, set the cruise control, turn on the music and just relax. Weather was perfect for this type of ride, cool and overcast. Arrived at Lakes Entrance at 5:45pm just as predicted by the GPS and grabbed a room at the Bamboo Inn (my choice of reasonable accommodation in LE). Another good days ride, only 500kms but very relaxing and good practise for routing on the fly using the GPS.

    Next morning rode out of the Lakes Entrance at 6:45am just on dawn, keeping a careful lookout for the wildlife. The ride through the forests to Orbost and then onto Cann River was sublime, no traffic, dry roads and cool temperatures. The run up the Monaro Highway to Bombala was a shock to the system with temperatures falling to -2 for most of the way, but at least the sun was out.

    Arrived back home at 12:00 noon with a total of just under 1,800kms for the  2 & 1/2 days riding. The K1600 performed flawlessly and I think its ready do some more longer day rides. Time for a Iron Butt Ride me thinks. 

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