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  • 10 May 2017 13:49 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Friend of the Club,

      Welcome to Autumn riding and I hope you are making the most of the cool but generally sunny days by getting out on your bike.  On behalf of our members, I would like to welcome Leigh Neilson to the Club and look forward to meeting him on a ride or at an event.

      The most up to date Club event information is on What's On including a registration option that is an increasingly important tool used to plan and organise Club events and I continue to encourage all members and visitors to use it.

      As an Official BMW Club, I attended the 2017 BMW Clubs Australia AGM as your delegate in Melbourne recently.  In a return to the past and change to more recent years, the 15 Motorcycle and Car Club delegates met at BMW Group Australia's Mulgrave Vic HQ.  We were fortunate to have BMW GA Chief Executive Marc Werner welcome us and had presentations from Andreas Lungren Motorrad and Lenore Fletcher / Erin Burl / Siobhan Kircher from Corporate Communications.  This is testament to the value BMW Ag, BMW Classic via Clubs International and BMW GA places on BMW owners, Official Club's and Club Members in particular.  I have posted an edited copy of the Motorrad presentation here (9MB).  The full version (410MB) includes BMW You Tube video and too large to post, simply search for BMW Motorrad or G310, HP4, K1600 Bagster and RnineT Urban G/S as new models or take your pick from the whole channel of video. 

      BMW Motorrad has 59 base model motorbikes with a multitude of from factory or at dealer options in showrooms for 2017.  During the latter part of 2017 Motorrad will be introducing the entry level and LAMS approved G310R and GS for ~A$7000 ride away; for the aspiring racer the carbon fibre HP4 can be ordered - but be quick as of the 750 'hand-made' bikes only 10 are coming to Australia; and my favourite the RnineT variant G/S Urban reminiscent of the original 1980's R80G/S.  I have recovered from my R100GS PD experience but still have a R100RS in the garage. 

      Total membership across all Clubs was steady at 1969 for bikes and 1883 for cars at census night 31 Dec 16.  Although we all experience a degree of churn, that is members who join perhaps for a year before leaving to be replaced by another new member.  This suggests that our & other Clubs are not delivering on the expectation of members.  Your Committee recognises this and seeks to have a mix of part, day, overnight and multi-day TS and GS rides and social events.  There is no expectation that all members want/would/will go to all events, but if you are not seeing something you want then please contact me as President and Ride Coordinator or Martin Robertson as Social Secretary.  Even better, why not help the Committee out by planning or running an event?  Free training, mentoring and support offered to any volunteer.

      Whilst some Clubs continue with a paper magazine, reflective of the costs involved more and more are/were going to a PDF or online variant and increasing use of social media to communicate with members.  Your Club website contains a wealth of information accessible via the right hand side drop down menu and whilst some pages are public, others are only accessible to members so why not have a look when you are next online.  Members also have the option to post pictures, add to the blog and have access the Club Facebook page.  For those with a keen eye, look in your search bar for our icon and that the website is now in the https:// domain increasing the Clubs and your online security.

      Not getting Club event emails?  The Club uses your email address as the basis for your financial membership including profile (personal information).  You have complete control over both and importantly if you are not getting emails it may be that your email software is blocking and moving them to a SPAM or Junk folder.  You can also select what type of emails you would like to receive other than administrative ones (eg: renewal notifications).  For our Joint members (member + partner) typically only one person chooses to get emails from the Club, however for those that would both like emails we have the Joint+ option.  If this appeals to you or your partner, please email Membership Secretary Mike Kelly as we need to set this up back-of-house to make sure you both do not start getting a membership renewal notice.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee

  • 26 Apr 2017 16:22 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Looking for a short day ride (~200km) with some easy (road bike) dirt and coffee(s) stops along the way? Andrea (F700GS), Bob ((F650GS), Dave (Sertao) and me (R100RS) made the ride to Yass via Mountain Creek Road for coffee and cake at Tootsie a converted service station (pre M31) and now serving coffee & cake amongst some eclectic artworks before riding on the Yass River Road (~20km dirt) to Gunning before parting company with Andrea who was returning to Sydney.  Bob, Dave and I continued east along Marked Tree Road (dirt) to Collector and cooling ale at the Bush Ranger Hotel.  With the shorter days the decision was taken for a run down the highway to Eagle Hawk before parting company and home.  A great days riding and company.  Click if your looking for a map.

  • 18 Apr 2017 12:23 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

      The Club planned 4 day Easter ride was shortened to 3 given the original departure was Good Friday and nothing much was going to be open and some of us had other commitments.

      Saturday morning had Martin Robertson (R1200R), Rob Lovett (R1200ST, BMWTCNSW) and me (R1200ST) depart on time for our ride down to Orbost Vic via Delegate and Bonang Highway.  'Highway' is somewhat of a misnomer given it is narrow and includes ~12km of dirt; the upside is the 105km of corners :)

      Our 1st night stay was the Bruthen Inn with Sunday's ride taking us to Omeo, Anglers Rest and Falls Creek (1200m) via the Bogong High Plains Road before the run downhill to Mt Beauty and on to Yackandandah.  A days ride of many more corners and surprisingly little traffic that more often than not pulled over to let us past. 

    Our planned 2nd night stay at the 'Yack' Hotel was curtailed as it was closed and with limited in-town options we rode on to Wodonga and Blazing Stump Motel/Hotel.  This had excellent meals and was well patronised given it was the Sunday of a long weekend.

    Bandiana Army barracks reveille might have woken us on Monday but with clear skies and warm weather we up and ready to go on our final leg.  This saw us travel along the Murray Valley Highway to Jingellic, then rise over the mountains through Tumbarumba, Batlow and lunch in Tumut before a final run back across the Snowy Mtn Highway to Adaminaby then Cooma and home to Canberra via the Monaro.  If this sounds interesting then here is a Google Map.

    An excellent 3 days ride with good company, fine weather and perfect riding conditions.  See you on the next ride.

  • 11 Apr 2017 10:13 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader,

    Welcome to the Clubs 2017-18 riding year and particularly to our newest members David Dawson and Ian Jones.  I look forward to meeting each of you on a ride or at an event and encourage other members to make them welcome.

    The Club AGM was held on 2 April and whilst attending numbers were small and Committee nominations even smaller the 2017-18 Committee welcomes two new members; Bob Eccles who volunteered and elected Treasurer from (retiring) Bob Ellison and Mike Kelly who stepped up as Membership Secretary, replacing Martin Robertson.  Returning members include David Prest (Vice President), Martin Robertson (Social Secretary), Steve Hay (nominated Public Officer) and me (President, Rides & Clubs Australia Delegate).  The Club relies on volunteers for its organisation and diversity of Committee members that reflects the membership.  Send me an email if you want to get involved in your Club's operation as a volunteer and an assurance you wont be press ganged...this year.

    Apologies in advance if this next paragraph doesn't apply to you, but for those that it does...the Club financial year is 1 March to 28 February as is your membership.  Your invitation to renew is bulk emailed to members 21 days before 1 March along with automated reminders.  Failure to renew by 1 March means your membership is automatically administratively suspended.  Whilst the majority of members renew using the preferred EFT before 1 March a significant portion do not or pay by cash/cheque at the AGM or informally before hand.  Whilst the Club appreciates late payer renewals they make the Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Club Administrators lives far more complicated than need be.  So please renew before 28 February 2018 and know you can always pre-pay one year in advance at any time :)

    Your Club remains in good shape with a varied calendar of riding and social events and financially with a motion passed at the AGM to donate $2000 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.  This is in addition to the $1000 raised at and donated from the Club's 2016 Kosciuszko Rally.  Why the RFDS?  Because the Committee believes the RFDS embodies the adventure riding spirit residing in all of us and a worthwhile cause among many. 

    I have been on the Committee in various roles for 8+ years during which time there has been a steady drop in members attending Club rides or events and in recent years often only attracting single figure participation.  Two of the Clubs social events Christmas in Winter and Club Awards & Christmas Lunch remain popular and reflect a changing member demographic.  Whilst some members belong to other Clubs and/or ride with other groups this does increase the pressure on and reduces the volunteer incentive to organise rides and events that then only attract a small number of Club members as participants.

    For 2017 this changes how future rides and events are selected, advertised and coordinated.  The committee is looking to members to nominate rides and social events, including dates and times and encourages members to volunteer in a coordinating role.  What's On will continue to list events or rides of a motorcycling nature and basic details only need to be emailed to the Social Secretary or Ride Coordinatorrespectively.

    What's On remains the source of most up to date Club information and for Club Events includes the option of pre-registration.  For the majority of events this is non-binding unless prepayment is required, but does serve a vital function by assisting the organiser plan for prospective numbers, routes and advise host locations of anticipated numbers and provide specific event relevant emails.  This becomes even more important when planning smaller venues versus the larger chain restaurants and venues.

    To that end the Club uses email as the most direct, timely and relevant way of contacting and updating members on changes to events and activities.  Your part is to ensure that the information the Club holds (securely) online is relevant and up to date.  The Club uses your first and surname and email as primary contact information and required under the Incorporated Associations Act 1991 to keep a physical/postal address and membership dates.  You control the remainder personal profile information and used to plan events.  The Club also has a social media presence on Facebook and via the website through a 'Blog' and pictures page.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee

  • 29 Mar 2017 23:18 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Discover the world. Explore the unknown. Make lasting friendships. And tackle any challenge on your GS. The International GS Trophy is a motorcycle adventure that puts the world at your feet. Teams from all around the world battle it out in intensive daily stages and numerous special challenges. Past Int. GS Trophy challenges have been held in Southeast Asia, North America, South America, South Africa and North Africa – and in 2018 the journey takes us to Central Asia - Mongolia.

    Interested?  Check the website BMW 2018 GS Trophy.

  • 18 Mar 2017 20:43 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader,

    I would like to welcome our newest members Mark Carmody, Ian Jones and Adrian Walker to the Club and look to our existing members to make them welcome and I look forward to meeting each of you in person on a ride or at an event.  The Club welcomes and encourages member engagement in suggesting, planning and attending rides and events - email your ideas to the Committee.

    The 2017 BMWMCCACT Inc. Annual General Meeting (Club Event) is coming up April 1st at The Canberra Irish Club.  This is no April Fool's joke and an important event on the Club Calendar.  You need to be a financial member to nominate for or vote in the election of the 2017-18 Committee.  Members must also vote to accept the audited financial report for 2016-17 and available on the website along with an agenda and nomination form.  The Club cannot function without a Committee and this year we have one member standing down and others showing signs of Committee fatigue with some holding multiple positions.  If you would like to contribute to the Club's operation or direction then why not consider nominating for a position.  Don't know what the Committee does?  Then check the website and Club constitution or more readily email or call the incumbent.

    To encourage your attendance at the AGM not only will your Club provide light snacks we also have a mystery raffle prize with a free ticket for each person who attends.  It is a great prize, so much so that I have bought one myself.

    The new Club financial year sees some members not renew, instead moving on to other activities and life choices; we wish them well.  I'll take this opportunity on behalf of the Club to thank one of these Bob Ellison for his commitment to the Treasurer role and personally his company and friendship on rides and at events who is standing down to pursue other interests.  Bob, one day I'll tell you the number of 'offs' I have had and of bikes sent to the wreckers, in my quest to learn to ride - at least better.  You will be more than welcome to ride with us and me again should you so choose.

    For those who look further ahead than one month of events, I'll mention two later in the year.  In June our 2017 Christmas-In-Winter, Joint BMWMCCACT & BMWMCCVIC Meet (Club Event) in Yarrawonga, the same venue as last year and August a Joint BMWMCCACT and BMWTCNSW Dinner at Bermagui Hotel.  The Victorians also have an invite.  Both events require some pre-planning on your part to register but also to arrange accomodation if you intend going.  Yes, they are someway off, so check each event as details firm up and posted to What's On.

    Long standing members will recall the Club magazine Shaft Drive Lines with digital copies available on the website.  However, the Club record is incomplete and ACT Heritage Library (Woden) has offered access to paper copies held by them for scanning.  An ideal opportunity for one or more of our retired or part-time working members to help the Club.  You will need to access the library during opening hours, scan and then email copies of the magazine using the ACT Heritage Library multi-function printer.  This does not mean one person or at any one time and can be completed as time and availability permits.  Interested?  Please email me your name, email and telephone number. 

    In closing, you all have one or more motorbikes in the shed and should be out riding them or attending a Club event. My R100RS is on its 90 day Autumn redgo and competing alongside the R1200ST and F800GS for attention.   Please check the website as it will have the most up to date information and for those who pre-register the added benefit of personalised last minute emails if plans need to change.  Remember if you're not seeing an event you would like then let me or member of the Committee know and we will see what can be arranged.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee

  • 16 Feb 2017 08:33 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader,

    Please join me in welcoming our newest members Bob Eccles, Dave MacKenzie and Darren Burggraaff to the Club.  In Bob's case, he visited us for the January Club meeting, joined us for the GS Breakfast Ride-2-Bredbo and sold his BMW R65LS on the ride making great use of the Club and his membership.

    Current members will have received an invitation to renew your membership in early February and expires at the end of the month and Club financial year.  For those that have paid in a timely manner, Treasurer Bob and I send our thanks as it makes his life easier in preparing the Club financial statement and AGM.  For those that haven't paid, expect a reminder shortly and if unpaid your membership will lapse in March 2017.  If your life and riding circumstances have changed and you choose not to renew, can you please email Membership Sec Martin ( so we can remove you from the automated follow up and future emails.

    Life Members and those who joined after December 1 2016 have an automatic renewal to 1 March 2018.

    Membership Sec Martin (K75C), Hoss (R1200GSwc), me (R1200ST) and two of Martin's mid-week riding friends (Triumph X800xc and R1100S)  travelled to the AMCN Island Classic at Phillip Island ~Australia Day.  Some other Club members also went but not seen over our 3 days at the Island.  Whilst Phillip Island was full on the last week of Victorian school holidays, the track & event has a relaxed feel with open entry to the pits and ability to ride your bike around the ~6km track perimeter.  Crowds have been steadily building in my 3 years of going and with 3 days of bright sunshine and a race every ~15 minutes what more reason do you need to go.   What's more I had a great ride there and back via the Snowy Mountains; Cabramurra self serve PULP was $1.36 litre!

    On the GS/TS front, 10 riders fronted up for our Ride-2-Breakfast in Bredbo with 7 choosing the GS option including Greg Barber on his R1150RTP.  I was pleasantly surprised to see little wild life other than an escaped mini Staffordshire make a good pace running down Billilingra Road;  others however had a good run of kangaroos crossing the road, a large (presumably) brown snake, a goat and other creatures make their ride more exciting.  Even the Bobeyan Road - that favourite of the 4WD Fisher brigade was lightly travelled.  Greg had the misfortune of puncturing a rear tyre that despite the application of 5 plugs still refused to seal, made it to Bredbo before returning home on a NRMA tilt tray. Look for some pictures on the website.

    As a financial member you have access to Club subsidised first aid and rider training.  Under its current format this is a member driven activity; but following some recent comment and questions on a 'group' training opportunity I have created two separate events to gauge member interest.  These are non-binding and indicative only dates:

    • First Aid Training.  This will be an accredited one day course that will include motorcycle specific injuries and delivered both in the classroom and at road side (or track) scenarios.  That's right you get to ride your bike to a (safe) venue to enhance the training experience.  The cost per member will be ~$60 (TBC) and the Club may benefit form a NSW Government grant for NSW resident members or members who live in the ACT but principle place of work is NSW.  You can read more and register your expression of interest here.

    • TS or GS Rider Training.  Typically TS or advanced road craft rider training is delivered over 1 day and GS or off-road skills training delivered over 2 days (weekend).  Each course can cost ~$200 or more without the Club subsidy and subject to location will include a self-funded travel component.  You can read more and register your interest here.

    If either or all of these training opportunities are of interest, then please use the non-binding registration as group training by its very nature requires a longer lead time and organisation.  You can of cause choose to arrange your own training with the 'how to' details here.

    At the end of last year Wild Apricot our membership software platform provider recommended customers change their website security settings from http:// to https:// to meet some increasing security protocols by search and service providers; this change resulted in some members and public seeing a security certificate warning due to two addresses going to the same website and  Your site is still secure and the resolution is work in progress.

    I'll close out by thanking you in advance for renewing and continuing your membership with the Club, encourage each of you to actively participate in Club activities and look forward to seeing you at an event or on a ride.  Remember the most up to date information, including changes to events the night before, can be found on What's On and event registrants can be emailed updates directly.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee

  • 07 Feb 2017 10:46 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Ken Keeling has provided his story on 58 years of motorcycling throughout Australia and PNG.   He also has two bikes looking for a new home.  enjoy the read, Ken Keeling - The First and the Last.pdf.

  • 23 Jan 2017 21:56 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Friend of the Club,

    I trust you had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and welcome you to the Club's 2017 year and look forward to seeing you on a ride or at an event.  More so to our newest member Iain Noble for those who missed December's email.

    I went to the New Year's gathering at Wee Jasper with 30+ other riding enthusiasts - not a rally, so you can car it - for a relaxing couple of days swimming and sitting under the 'Tree of Knowledge' along with getting in some other rides around Canberra.  What about you?  If you have a ride story or pictures, then why not release the hidden journalist within and post your story to the Blog or picture sections of the website.  If you are on Facebook then look up the Club and share your story there.

    The Club's first 'offical' event was the January monthly meeting that after a slow start saw 12 members and a couple of visitors enjoy breakfast and talk on first aid kits at Scrivener Dam under clear and warm skies.  With various other commitments, there were no takers for a group ride after the meeting with everyone heading off.  Thanks to those who shared their personal first aid experiences and remember the Club subsidises first aid and rider training for financial members.

    The Committee met last week and 1st for 2017, and whilst it is some way off, looked at the 2017-18 AGM.  I have been on the Committee in various roles for ~8 years and others have served shorter or combination of various committee roles.  With 2+ of 5 members looking to move on, it is important for the Club and Members that we see some renewal.  So if you're willing to give up some time to take on a rewarding role by standing for election then contact one of the current Committee on the various roles and functions.  More on the AGM next month and as a heads-up, your invitation to renew your membership will be emailed for payment by end of February 2017 and Club financial year.  Please bear with the Committee as we process payments as you may get a courtesy reminder email between your paying, Treasurer stamping and Membership Secretary approving your electronic renewal.  Some of us still have to fit the day job into our riding schedule and Club commitments. 

    Another topic was monthly vs. quarterly meetings with additional rides filling the spare weekends.  From last years member survey we have also mixed some Saturday rides and events into the calendar.  As always check What's On as your source of the most up to date information and please use the registration option if listed; this greatly assists the event organiser to plan the actual event and pre-warn the venue of expected numbers.  Some members have arrived at a meeting point only to be disappointed to find a ride was cancelled as 'no one' had registered or expressed an interest in going.

    Not seeing a ride or event you like?  Then let me or Committee know with as much notice as possible.  Whilst the calendar is updated in real-time, this requires a Committee Member (administrator) to see and act on your email.

    Some other members and I will be at the Phillip Island Classic Races this Australia Day long weekend (okay, actually after) and if you have never been to one well worth a look.  I particularly like that there is a race every 15 minutes; that's right, riders are coming off the track into the pits as the next race is starting.  I'll then be at the BMWTCNSW Karuah River Rally past Dungog NSW and Club ride to Blue Waterholes at the end of February.  My R100RS will then be out for its 3 months of annual redgo, so look for the 'air-head invitational' plus friends on What's On. 

    Lastly, member Robert (Bob) Berry had a coming together with a car (SMIDSY) and taken up temporary residence in The Canberra Hospital Ward 5B; I am sure Bob would like to see a friendly face if you are in the area. 

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee


  • 20 Dec 2016 21:53 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    For those who own or have had 'issues' with their G650, BMW have issued a recall inviting owners to contact their local Motorrad dealer.  More info is here

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