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  • 04 Mar 2018 16:07 | Anonymous member

    Awhile ago I mentioned I picked up a cheap GoPro type camera - ie $20.

    These are available again from - 36 hr sale.   Probably have to buy the memory card separately.

  • 15 Jan 2018 10:46 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2018.  I trust you had an enjoyable Christmas season and took the opportunity to catch up with family and friends and if you were lucky got some time away from work (for those still working) and for those in the lifestyle phase were not unduly troubled by the younger generations. 

    I'd like to welcome Glyn Bromige-Avery (F800GS), Jake Blight (R1200GS) and Michael Antrum (G650GS) to the Club and call on existing members to make them welcome on the next ride or event. 

    Our last ride of 2017 to Swallow Tail Pass had 9 riders, including some of our newest members, who if like me had a great day out.  Whilst the dirt element was only ~21km and Tarlo River causeway dry, the descent and ascent still had some tight turns and washouts calling for close attention.  During breaks it became apparent how many members have ridden in SE Asia and Indian sub-continent so on the scale of overall difficulty this ride was at the lower end, now if it had been wet or water over the causeway then... 

    New Year's eve is also BMW Clubs Australia census night.  So what you say, well this data is used to calculate member Club subscription fees and PESP allocations provided by BMW Group Australia.  Thanks to the 40 of 106 members who responded and summary of that data: 

    1.How far did you ride in 2017?  Collectively a reported total of 555 000 km.  Pretty good; even if we didn’t all do those on Club rides.  Once again special mention to our Iron Butt Association members and their individual efforts of over 50 000+km.

    2.Who bought a new BMW?  Of the 40 who responded, 7 have a new BMW bike in the shed.  I know of and suspect there are quite a few other 2nd hand BMW and other brand bikes appeared in member garages.

    3.Where do you (n) have your bike serviced? 

    3.1.Motorrad Dealer (Canberra only has the one), n=10
    3.2.Motorrad Dealer / Independent, n=1
    3.3.Motorrad Dealer / DIY, n=1
    3.4.Another Dealer / Independent, n=16.
    3.5. Another Dealer / Independent / DIY, n=2
    3.6.DIY, n=10.

    The Committee hasn't taken a break and your What's On calendar is already filling with a selection of events.  For our newer members you will find a mix of Club ride, social along with wider motorcycle community events to choose from.  I continue to stress my request for you to use the pre-registration function to any event of interest.  This is non-binding and following a software upgrade you can now cancel your registration up to the date of an event.  For the organiser this allows us to contact registrants directly (less SPAM), provide last minute updates to departure points, times of event, cancellations and importantly communicate expected numbers to venues.

    During December 2017 VP David Prest stepped down pending a work move to Sydney and focus on his home relocation to Port Macquarie.  My call for a volunteer or nomination to the role has fallen on deaf ears, so here it is again.  The Club requires a VP and Committee benefits from a diverse range of thoughts who will mange the vacancy through to the AGM.  Please see or email me if you have any questions or interested in this role.  A heads up, you will be seeing your 2018 membership renewal appearing in your inbox early February.

    The ACT has a number of 3-4 day weekends in the early part of 2018 that provide the opportunity for a longer ride.  Look for these on What's On, noting that for group riding a greater degree of planning is required to book accommodation.  If there are no registrants 3 weeks out then these rides will be cancelled or changed to weekend or day rides. 

    Whilst it's still a long way off, the 2018 Off Centre Rally is on the weekend 11-12 August at Mt Dare Hotel South Australia.  Our 'all rivers ride Captain' David Morgan is putting together a route plan and along with Sec Martin Robertson (K75xc) and me (F800GS) are working on a 2 week ride (4-19 Aug 18) as starters.  The OCR is a test of rider and bike to some of the more remote areas of Australia and provides a great opportunity to ride in a small group to a rally that attracts 200+ riders from around Australia and supports the RFDS, ideally with money raised but also the occasional client.  If you are interested please pre-register so that we can email only those interested - again non-binding. 

    I look forward to seeing you all on a ride or at an event through 2018 (or up to the AGM) and remember if your not seeing a ride, location or an event of interest to you then email me or Committee and let us know.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee

  • 22 Nov 2017 17:24 | Anonymous member

    After asking about a bike at Procycles some time ago I get their guff, and they do seem to offer good prices.  Thought the current sale might be of interest.

    Ends 2 Dec - see their website





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    (does not include our usual free key alike on pannier deals or luggage packs)

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    10% OFF KRIEGA Backpacks and Bags


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    5% OFF BMW NAVIGATOR [Was $1,290 Now $1,225]

  • 08 Nov 2017 14:25 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader,

     The Club's 36th Kosciuszko Rally was a great success and more importantly all who attended had a great weekend.  Didn't make it this year?  Well, why not bookmark next year's 37th Kosciuszko Rally, BMWMCCACT (Club Event).

    Some members made the rally a day trip, others overnighted in Khancoban and the Club Rally cadre stayed at Geehi Flat under sunny skies and 28oC days with clear nights of ~10oC.  Through rally entrants, raffle tickets and Kransky sales your Club raised over $1000 and Committee considering its donation to a community group (more next month).  This is an outstanding result and worthy challenge to other Club's.  Special thanks to Bob Eccles and help in setting up Friday; Anna Tasker & Dave Prest (+bread roll conveyance) for crewing Saturday night's Kransky counter; Peter (Hoss) Horsburgh, Dave Prest and Martin Robertson for cooking Sunday morning egg n bacon rolls and dispensing espressos to the assembled masses; and Sunday afternoons 'clean-up' crew.  Not forgetting the other Club members and motorcyclists who made it to Geehi in support of the rally.

    BMW Group Australia generously supports our and other Offical BMW Clubs through the Principal Event Sponsorship Program (PESP) in the form of BMW dollars.  Your Club used this to offer as major raffle prizes pairs of BMW ProSummer and ProWinter Gloves and a BMW Softbag with a combined retail value over $800.  Thank you BMW Group Australia and Rolfe Classic BMW Motorrad.  The Club sponsored a range of smaller prizes, awards and trophies whilst the Morgan Family donated prizes as well.  The softbag went to a rally entrant with respective glove winners living a day-ride away and once we receive the gloves I will organise a Club ride and listed on What's On for their handover.   

    Please join me in welcoming David Rowe (R1200GSA), Douglas Ward (R1200RT) and Upadhyay Sumit (G650GS) to the Club and rather than wait for them to introduce themselves, why not extend your hand of friendship in welcoming them to the Club.  You have joined now come on a Club ride or event?

    2017 Member Survey.  Statistically respondent numbers were light on so either you are all happy with the Committee and by extension Club operations or you couldn't find the 15 minutes to complete it.  I'll go with the first part.  So what did I find out?  Details are on the website, but the Club membership is greying (more) or a light silver shade for our fairer members, predominately rides R & G series models with GS variants the most common and riding well under 10k km per annum, a few in the ~20k km often on more than one bike and our Iron Butt enthusiasts riding 60k+ km a year.  Where do we ride?  Well, this was spread across the <1/2 day, day, overnight and multi-day ride options on main, secondary sealed and good dirt roads but not reflected in event registrants or participants.  Maintenance was split between dealer, independent and DIY mechanics.

    Conclusions?  The Club Committee will consider the results and comment in future event planning, but experssing an interst is not the same as actually registering and attending a ride or event so there may be unintended bias to the organiser or popular rides and events.  Still not seeing an event of your interest?  Well let the Committee know - contact details are on the website or see us at an event.

    Do You Want a Membership Card?  A recent update to Wild Apricot allows you to print a personalised membership card.  
    Look for yours in the 'profile' section once you have logged on to the website.  The format and content are predetermined but if your card looks out of place send me an email.   

    As the Club year ends Social Sec. Martin has arranged our BMWMCCACT Awards & Christmas Lunch (Club Event) at Rodney's Pialligo.  The planning and event booking is contingent on getting a minimum 15+ members from a potential pool of 103 as I write this month's chronicle.  Bookings close soon.

    Upcoming Rides.  Check out What's On but there are rides to Bredbo and Kangaroo Valley along with the MRA 37th Toy Run is on Saturday 9 December leaving Old Parliament House at 10am with on-site activities from 8am.  You can help spread the word by sharing or printing and posting the MRA's flyer and attached here.

    Don't forget you can find us on Facebook to share your ride pictures and story or use the Club website blog.   What's more, if you're planning a ride and looking for company then send me an email with the details and I'll post it to the website.  There is currently no capacity for same day service other than sharing your ride on Facebook.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee



  • 05 Oct 2017 13:41 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader

    Wecome to October and less than a week to go until our BMWMCCACT 2017 36th Kosciuszko Rally (Club Event).  I hope to see some, most or all of you there and if not for the weekend then make it a day ride.  With over $800rrp in raffle prizes on offer your rally is well worth the night out (you must be at the 5pm / 1700 raffle draw).  Ours in one of few motorcycle rallies that support a charity and in 2016, we donated $1000 to the RFDS that great supporter of the adventure motorcyclist. 

    I am pleased to welcome Alan Evans (R1200GS Tour) and Robert Hayden (R1100RS / K75RT) to the Club and look forward to meeting them on a ride or at an event like this Saturday's BMWMCCACT Ride-2-Lunch (Club Event).  Please introduce yourselves and make them welcome.

    Thank you to all those members that completed the BMWMCCACT 2017 Member Survey (Club Event) that closes this weekend.  I am sure we all get invitations to complete surveys or polls but in reality, these form a vital function in Club activity planning.  So if you chose not to have your say, then do not be surprised by not getting what you want in the form of rides, social and other events.  Look for results next month.

    Past Rides

    For those who missed the 2017 German Auto Day it was at Pialligo Estate for the first time.  Whilst the car clubs managed 200+ exhibitors, our Club's representation did not reflect the weather that was an outstanding example of Canberra in spring.  Ray Berketa's R1200C (2005) was judged best in show - well done & congratulations on a fine example of Germany' only surviving motorcycle marque.  Whilst the NCA continues to put barriers in the way of events in the Parliamentary triangle, Pialligo Estate may be the future venue of choice and was a great supporter of the event along with Shannons as principal sponsor.  Looking for an insurance quote?  Then why not add Shannons to the list and give them a call on 13 46 46 or

    On Sunday 24 September Membership Sec. Mike, VP David and I rode in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.  Raising money for men's health the 2017 ride garnered US$4.7M globally.  Canberra's ride raised $41,562 in part and with thanks to those who sponsored our Club Team of Mike Kelly and me by donating $476.

    Special mention to one of our Iron Butt Association riders Martin Little and his recent overnight training ride from Canberra to Port Augusta and back with the documented 1600km ridden in a 'comfortable' 19 hours.  Check our Club Facebook page for the pictures and story.  I am pre-planning a more leisurely 9-day trip to Kangaroo Island SA in late Feb-Mar 2018.  Let me know by return email if you are interested (or have another location) and preliminary map here that is subject to change with fuel, food, ferry & shared accommodation costs ~$2000pp.  Alternatively, a GS return trip to Marree, Mungerannie & Birdsville. 

    News:  Do you own a RnineT?  Then your bike may be one of those affected by BMW's recall notice.

    Upcoming Rides & Events

    BMWMCCACT Awards & Christmas Lunch (Club Event).  Social Sec. Martin has booked us in at Rodney's Pialligo for 1200 Saturday 18 November 2017 and looking for a minimum 20 pre-paid registrants.  You must use the online event registration and pay the week before to ensure your seat at the table.  Whilst the Club prefers EFT payments, you can also pay by cash or cheque to Martin or Treasurer Bob in the weeks before hand.  DO NOT TURN UP ON THE DAY WITH CASH IN HAND looking for a seat.

    What's On lists upcoming rides and events.  Where offered, please use the event registration and if you have a ride suggestion or know of an event of interest to other members send the details through to me.  Non-club events will be posted to What's On but without email reminders or invitations.

    Following my eBay purchase of a cylinder leak down tester that confirmed where my R100RS oil is escaping from and as I await some replacement inlet & exhaust valves (one side was fine) I reflect upon the knowledge that in 1879 Daimler & Benz patented and ran the first automobile with an internal combustion engine.  Shortly after if not before their workshop assistant Franz invented the vehicle hoist, surely as worthy of a mention.    

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee

  • 06 Sep 2017 18:28 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader,

      Welcome to Spring and for those that have been sheltering these past month's you shouldn't need much encouragement to get your bike out and come along to an event and meet with and welcome our newest members Barry Quinn (Tiger 800XC), Bob Ward (R1200RS) and Robert Hayden( R1100RS, K75RT).

      I'll take this opportunity to thank Michael & Brett at Rolfe's for hosting the Club August General Meeting and their talk on the RnineT family.  Martin Robertson regaled us with his 6-week European ride vacation and Kim & Ron Tito made us envy their recent 3 week ride through Vietnam.  I took the opportunity to demo a RnineT scrambler with a view to the GS Urban variant and new R1200GSwc, both would look very nice in the garage.  Missed the meeting, then contact Michael or Brett in the showroom to book your test ride.

      Shortly after reading this you will receive an email invitation for the BMWMCCACT 2017 Member Survey (Club Event).  Whilst voluntary, I encourage you to take the time to complete it and have your say on what you would like to see the Club do or could do better in the future.  Think of it as an opportunity to contribute to Committee deliberations without having to stand for office :)

      What's On lists all of the Clubs upcoming events and the following should be on your 'priority' list:

    • 2017 German Autoday (Club Event).  Come and share your bike with the public and tell them why you chose BMW.  The Club will pay the entry fee for each financial member's bike at Pialligo Estate, noting only German cars and motorcycles permitted in the grounds on the day.  Entry is free for the general public and walk-ins and offsite parking.
    • 37th Kosciuszko Rally, BMWMCCACT (Club Event).  Your Club's annual rally and for those who don't camp there are plenty of accommodation options in nearby Khancoban or Thredbo along with other Snowy townships.  Or just come for the day ride.  There are over $800 in raffle prizes and from last year's rally the club donated $1000 to the RFDS.  If you still cannot make the rally then why not share or post the flyer

      The Committee has being trying to source some branded Club merchandise over this past year.  The official Club logo is proving to be a challenge to the collected embroidery guild and most notably the flagpole and flag and work still in progress.  I have had more success with the Club name that having worked with Monaro Workwear at 3/88 Newcastle St, Fyshwick ACT, is not as easy as one would think.  Given the multitude of personal preferences, if you would like an embroidered shirt, cap, jacket, pants, socks or beanie then (1) visit Vanessa & Richard and team at Monaro Workwear (2) pick any item or items of clothing etc in your style and colour (3) pick your embroidery colour (4) pay $ for clothing, plus (+) the $8 embroidery charge for the Club name + $4 if you want your name as well and (5) come back to pick up.  Have a favourite item already?  No problem, Monaro Workwear can embroider just that but maybe not your motorcycle jacket.  Okay, you will need to make two trips but then you do get the item of clothing in your size and colour and saves a lot of internal paperwork.

      I have had greater success on the ever popular stubby holder that will have its first outing at the upcoming Kosciuszko Rally.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee



  • 06 Aug 2017 08:37 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader,

    On behalf of the Club a special welcome to our newest member Peter Carew who I look forward to meeting on an upcoming ride or event.  Make sure to say hello when you meet Peter and welcome him to the Club. 

    Club members have been busy over the last month with Olaf Moon and Martin Little competing in the US Iron Butt Rally (1000ml/day/7+days) with mixed success; whilst Martin Robertson is riding through Europe taking in as many mountain passes as he could find between the various auto museums and enjoying a cold one whilst spectating some Tour de France stages.   Following the shed rebuild of my R100RS swing arm I joined Dave Morgan for an impromptu ride to Captains Flat on my RDO whilst for Dave it was just another happy retirement day - something to be said for those.  Given the clear and dry winter weather members have been riding and hardier souls rallying enjoying the great outdoors with exploits posted to the Club Facebook page.  Have you been somewhere?  Then why not share your story with the Club and Members.

    Club members can now join Repco VIP Club and receive 10% discount anytime and advance notice of specials, up to 30% discount and other events.  Check the Club website Members tab on how to join.  

    The Club calendar What's On is full of rides and events and I encourage each of you to have a look and importantly register if intending to go on a ride or to an event.  Most events are non-binding, so if your plans change send the listed organiser an email or mobile text if included.  Pre-registration is an important planning tool and increasingly used by organisers to provide targeted emails for late changes (along with website), confirm event participants (eg: at the start point/time), pre-plan end locations and venues or cancel events where there are no registrants.  This last option is least preferred, but not everyone wants to sit around a start point or cafe by themselves even having a good ride to get there.

    I'll mention some of the significant upcoming events for you to consider, details are on What's On:

    • 1900 Tuesday 15 August 2017.  Joint BMWMCCACT & CDDC Bowling Night (Club Event) at AMF Bowl Belconnen.
    • 1800 Saturday 19 August 2017.  Joint BMWMCCACT and BMWTCNSW Dinner at Bermagui Hotel (Club Event).  There will be an optional Club ride down leaving Saturday mid-morning and Sunday return - you have to sort your own accomodation.
    • 1045 Sunday 24 September 2017.  Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (Club Event), raising money for Prostate Cancer and Men's Mental Health issues whilst having a scenic ride around Canberra.  Whilst this event is a ways off check it out and whilst you are there why not register to ride or make a donation to a registered member or the BMWMCCACT Team
    • 13-15 October 2017.  Your Club's 36th Kosciuszko Rally.  If you cannot make the rally to camp or as a day ride, then you can print and post or share and display the rally flyer here.  Last year the Club Rally donated $1000 to the RFDS, help us keep the momentum. 

    The Club What's On page is regularly updated so keep coming back and remember if you're not seeing a ride or event of interest let me or a committee member know.  Over the next month you will receive an invitation to complete the annual online census and poll to assist the Committee in planning future rides or events.  I encourage as many members to take the 10 minutes to complete the poll and include your comments or contact me directly.

    Looking for a new BMW or spring service?  Then why not drop by BMW Rolfe Classic Motorrad in Phillip and have a chat with Michael Andrews (sales) or Josh Edwards (service) who are refreshed and keen to engage with the Club and assist you to get that new BMW or have your pride and joy tweaked for the upcoming German Auto Day, more on that next month. 

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee



  • 10 Jul 2017 08:21 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader,

    I met with Patrick Van Den Boggart (Dealer Principal), Anthony Martin (Marty, General Manager) and Mark Edmondson (Aftersales Manager) of Rolfe Classic BMW recently to explore beneficial opportunities for Club and Dealership.

    The Club is fortunate to have a local Motorrad dealer and a quick search or ride outside of the ACT will show not all BMW riders have the same opportunity.  Rolfe's representation at the meeting showed their commitment and recognition of your Official BMW Club as brand ambassadors.  To dispel some rumors and campfire chatter, Rolfe's are committed to making Motorrad work and evidenced by their commitment with 2 full time sales staff, 1 full time service advisor and up to 4 technicians in the workshop.  What's more following some reported customer difficulties in getting test rides, the sales team are reinvigorated and welcome those of you wanting to test ride BMW's latest models.  Patrick and Marty recognise that each customers experience in both showroom and workshop are integral to the success of Motorrad and will continue to work with the sales and service team to further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of this business unit.

    I restated our desire for shared Dealership and Club activities with an undertaking of advance notice of 'sales events' be they BMW Group Australia or Rolfe for motorcycles, rider wear or accessories and parts.  I left my three pages of suggestions, observations and comment for Patrick and Marty's consideration, but next time you are in the showroom don't forget to mention that you are a Club Member and test Rolfe's competiveness for your next BMW bike, accessory or rider wear or check out the workshop for your next service.

    Christmas in Winter.  Whilst the number of our Club members attending was small in percentage terms they held their own against the BMWMCCVIC contingent with a pleasant afternoon steaming around the lake on the P.S. Cumberoona followed by a set dinner at the Yarrawonga Country Club enjoyed by all who went.  It is our turn to host the 2018 CiW and I encourage you to volunteer as a organising committee member.  If you need encouragement, I'm all set to visit the Homebush Hotel Panarie having ridden by a number of times now having stayed at the nearby Post Office Hotel Maude, well worth the visit and publican Kat offers great hospitality if your riding through.

    REPCO VIP Club.  Following May's General Club Meeting and in-field tyre repair demonstration by the Treasurer at Repco Tuggeranong, the Club and membership were invited to join Repco's VIP program.  Short story; trade your name and email for a card to get 10% off full rrp at any time and up to 30% off rrp on products variously throughout the year.

    This is a voluntary program and the Club has not divulged any member information.  You will need to provide some personal information to Repco to take up the offer and get the discount card.  To register click here or cut & paste or type the following into your web browser of choice

    Rallies, Rides, Club Social and Meetings.  Now that the shortest day is behind us but winter yet to pass its halfway, member attendances at What's On events are at their lowest and reflected in the number and type of events.  There remain the cadre of members who ride, attend, camp and partake of events irrespective of climatic conditions, however the Committee intends a mix of events to What's On but this can reflect individual committee member interests and availability.  If you would like a particular event or ride on the calendar then why not share the details with the committee or me for consideration and inclusion to the calendar.  Suggestions do not mean ownership but you could also look on it as an opportunity to practice those latent leadership and organisational skills in herding cats (search You Tube).

    Check out the upcoming joint Club vs. Canberra District Ducati Club bowling night next month on What's On.

    Lastly, Club Secretary Martin Robertson is currently riding through Europe with visits to various motorcycle and car museums and spectating Tour de France and will be blogging his trip on Facebook and mapping it via the Club SPOT.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee



  • 09 Jun 2017 12:22 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader,

    I write this with winter upon us and for some having parked their bikes until spring.  For others, it just means a change of rider wear and keep on riding.  What type of rider are you?

    The lucky or well planned members like Social Sec Martin it is time for his European vacation and motorcycle spectator to the Tour de France.  Martin will be posting his trip locations to the Club SPOT page for us to follow (only the most recent 7 days is shown, so you may need to come back).  The Club SPOT is available to members for loan on your next adventure tour; details on the website.

    We also welcome back Roger and Gillian Gottlob from a membership hiatus and look forward to them re-joining us on a future ride or event.  How often do you look in on the club website and What's On?  Don't forget to have a look in the drop-down menu on the right hand side.  The Committee endeavours to have a mix of rides and social events for all members interests, so if you're not seeing something you and other members are interested in send me or the Social Secretary an email with some details or just the idea. 

    The May Club meeting saw the culmination of our 'in field ' training programs with hands on tyre repair at Repco Tuggeranong.  Whilst your Club provided the training and breakfast, Manager Mark and team at Repco Tuggeranong supported the meeting and members with discounted tyre repair products and has given the Club a motorcycle cover to raffle at our Kosciuszko Rally.  Thanks to Mitchell @ Rolfe's for providing the demonstration tyres & rims.   

    The following weekend saw the Club ride to the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex and Moon Rock Café for breakfast followed by a behind-the-wire tour by 20 members and visitors under a fantastic Canberra winter day of sunshine and no wind.

    For the rallyists amongst us, the Alpine, Casper and Winter Rallies are all on the horizon and promise sub-zero nights and the occasional ride through snow and over ice to provide that additional challenge.  Not for you?  Then what about joining the Club and our Victorian cousins at Yarrawonga for Christmas in Winter next weekend 17-18 June.  For early arrivals there is also an optional lake cruise by paddle steamer leaving Saturday lunchtime.

    Given some members are riding or driving and starting at different locations, there is no organised Club ride to Yarrawonga.  You can however see and email those going from the event page if you are looking for company.  Social Sec. Martin needs to finalise your booking and payment and transfer the Club payment to the BMWMCCVIC next week.

    Lastly, at the 2017 AGM members voted to donate an additional $2000 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service who provide a valuable service to regional and remote Australia generally and adventure motorcyclists specifically.  A copy of the receipt is on the website.

    Enjoy your ride,

    Garry Smee


  • 12 May 2017 19:04 | Anonymous member

    Hello BMWMCACT Members,

    By way of introduction I thought I would post a link to an article I wrote on the Ulysses Club blog which describes my attendance at a California Superbike School Level One course at Phillip Island.  

    CSS L1 17 April 17

    Super day out and learned a lot.  Wondering if club members would be interested in attending a track day sometime, always more fun to have friends around.  This could be a straight track day or as part of a CSS/SU/... course.  

    Fun day at Bowning recently, even with the wet start!


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