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  • 25 May 2015 07:58 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    8 Members braved Canberra's first proper frost for 2015 with a ride to Molongolo Gorge and hearty breakfast of egg & bacon rolls washed down with espresso coffee.

    For those members who stayed indoors, you missed out on:

    • recent rides by members,
    • John's recall on 1200 rear wheel flange and positive workshop experience.
    • Martin's update on Christmas in Winter and Ride 2 Breakfast at Poppy's Cafe.
    • Garry's update on Alpine, Casper and Rockley rides. And later in the year Zundschlussel Run & your Club's 34th Kosciouskzo Rally.
    • Club finances are in good shape and membership stands at 103.
    4 members made the most of the promising clear and sunny weather to take a ride after breakfast.

    See you in June at Googong Dam.

    Garry Smee

  • 14 May 2015 21:40 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Hi Members,

    Welcome to my May 2015 missive and a special welcome to our new members David Jenkins and Robert Walters.  I trust we offer something you like and I look forward to meeting you on a ride or next club event.

    Your new 2015 Committee has been hard at work organising rides and events following the AGM.  Behind the scenes we have moved the Club's email to Go Hosting.  Whilst based in the 'Cloud' they are located in Hume ACT and backstop our Wild Apricot membership software platform and whilst not immediately apparent, will make the Clubs organisation and operation that much easier.

    I write this after our first proper frost, but that shouldn't mean parking the bike for Winter.  Personally I enjoy riding at this time of year (along with the rest) and opportunity for crisp riding weather, clear skies and grippy roads.  It's just a matter of preparation, so with 3 bikes, 3 helmets and 4 jackets plus the rest, I've got that covered.  Don't forget, if that Winter jacket or pants have shrunk over Summer, the Salvos will gladly take them off your hands and recycle them to Canberra's homeless as great winter wear without the armour!

    Rides & Events:  the Club's What's On page has all the details and most up to date information.  Where available, I encourage you to use the non-binding 'registration' option.  This serves 2 functions, 1 - enables the organiser to see who is interested in going on a ride or attending an  event and email them directly, and 2 - registers you for the prestigious 2015 Club Person of the Year award; as long as you turn up.

    Speaking of rides and please check What's On for details, but look at these three;

    • Social Sec Martin having liaised with our Victorian brethren, has organised the joint Christmas-In-Winter social evening at The Priory in Beechworth VIC.  Martin has arranged an interesting ride for those intent on riding sans (most of) the Hume Freeway, or you could drive — if that means you and partners attendance.
    • Rallyists can indulge in the 46th Alpine Rally at Yarrongabilly Homestead on the bitumen, all the Alpine Way.  Did I mention the -11oC in 2013, 200 people and herds of Brumbies on the way?  Check it out.
    • For those whose riding is closer to home, the Club Monthly and Alternative Breakfasts provide an opportunity for that short ride and meet with Club Members.  In addition to the current calendar events, the Committee is considering a Saturday or Sunday afternoon social coffee; not lunch, but if this appeals to you and you know of a place that can accommodate ~15 people, let me know.
    Further out there are two bigger events that the Club has an active involvement in:  

    • BMWMCCACT 2015 34th Kosciuszko Rally.  9-11 October 2015; this is YOUR Club rally in one of the best riding locations you will find, so why not come along, even if it's only a day ride.  Anecdotally our rally used to attract 200+ riders, so there is no excuse when we have a BMW EVO6 Helmet or Rally 3 Jacket, both $1000+ RRP as the major raffle prize along with a host of other want-to-haves.  So tick your calendar, tell your friends and pack the bike for October.  We are also offering a Saturday BBQ dinner and Club's famous egg 'n' bacon rolls + coffee on Sunday morning, so looking for volunteers and assistants.  If you going and why not, and can spare an hour or two to help out at the rally, please contact me.
    • Zündschlüssel Rally over the week 11-16 Oct 2016 and riding from Sydney to Melbourne via the coast.  This rally is open to owners and riders of Zündschlüssel bikes or those with a Bakelite ignition key (<1970's) and the promise of a presentation lap at Phillip Island on GP Sunday.  There will be a support vehicle for luggage and mechanical backup, so have look in the shed for that lost bike or consider offering your support to the rally and riders.
    Lastly, the Club uses the website and emails as the principle and timely method of communication with members.  You also have real-time access to the 'Blog' to share that ride story or latest gadget or product you have found to make riding that more enjoyable.  Social media has its ups and pitfalls, so please read the rules at the top of the Blog and consider what you are posting.  Unfortunately, Wild Apricot doesn't allow members to post pictures to the 'Blog' but you can post them on the seperate photo page.  So give it a go.  Want to keep up to date?  Then click the RSS icon for realtime updates.  Need help, then the online help and how too is here.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Garry Smee

  • 10 May 2015 21:37 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    For those members who have a second hand or older R & K Series bike, BMW has issued a recall notice to replace the rear wheel flange plate connecting the final drive and wheel.

    You can read the recall notice here and contact your dealer or Rolfe Classic Motorrad on (02) 6208 4141 with your VIN to confirm your bikes status.

  • 10 May 2015 21:07 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    The Loaded Dog Rally is one of the closest to Canberra at the Tarago Showgrounds a mere 70km from home.  Jane and I made it to the Loaded Dog Hotel in time for lunch and meet up with Sheryl (VStrom) & Tony (R1200GS) from the coast and Rob (R1200GS) from Canberra along with friends from Melbourne and Newcastle before heading the final 2km to the show ground. Membership Bruce Barter (R1200GSwc) had ridden over from Wagga before returning to Canberra and family visitations.  This year's weather was wind and lots of it and the ~120 who came along were not disappointed as it blew all afternoon, night and into the morning.  That didn't stop the festivities and included band and catering by the show society.  With the campfire story telling extending into the early hours.  The mornings wind meant there was no frost, but more than one tent tried to 'roam free' rather than suffer the ignominy of being stuffed back into a bag.  Our 8am departure allowed a group breakfast in Bungendore before we parted ways and home.  This is a great rally and well worth the effort; see you Jim & Ducky in 2016.

  • 07 May 2015 20:41 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Our Club is a founding member of BMW Clubs Australia the umbrella organisation that provides a link between BMW Ag, BMW Group Australia and other Official BMW Motorcycle and Car Clubs in Australia and throughout the world.

    BMWCA annual general meeting provides a forum for Clubs to share information between BMW Group and within Clubs.  The Vice Chair Motorcycles provided a collective motorcycle club report that found most Clubs active, financially stable and whilst attracting new members having an ageing demographic.  Challenges included getting members to stand for Committee or volunteer to assist and run events.

    The other major item discussed was the review and adoption of the revised Rules governing BMWCA that provides the operating framework between BMW Ag, BMW Clubs International and Official BMW Clubs.  BMW grants permission to official clubs to use the roundel, one of the worlds most recognised trademarks, and in-turn we are required to abide by certain standards.

    The BMWCA Rules do not impose or override individual Club's rules of association, our constitution, and will be posted to the members area for you to read.  We also get the benefit of BMW Principle Event Support Program (PESP) for 2015 a $1000 RRP in BMW merchandise and taken as a EVO6 helmet or Rallye 3 Jacket to be raffled at this year's Kosciuszko Rally.  Your Club's rally, who needs a better reason to come along.

    Garry Smee
    President BMWMCCACT

  • 07 May 2015 20:05 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    The Tumut Valley Riders host two rallies, the Autumn Leaf at Tumorrama Hall 35km east of Tumut on the Wee Jasper Road and Trout Rally at 3 Mile Dam near Cabramurra.

    The 28th Autumn Leaf was held on the weekend of Anzac Day and this years 100th anniversary of Gallipoli landings.

    Under grey skies and threatening storms, Rob (R80ST/GS) and I (F800GS) left for the short ride from Canberra to Wee Jasper and up the hill to the rally with only a light shower for company.

    We joined the 100+ realists for an afternoon of gymkhana events and socialising before the Canberra districts Ducati Club fired up the BBQ for those finding the toil of cooking dinner to much.

    A feature of the Autumn Leaf is the bonfire, reportedly one of the largest on the rally circuit and some 4 months in the making.  Despite the continuing afternoons showers, this was soon ablaze providing plenty of warmth and its own microclimate for anyone within 15m of it.

    The evening progressed with the aid of a local band, storytelling and camaraderie of the diminishing bonfire.  Hitting the sleeping bag in the wee hours, there were still some going and rose to others who hadn't made it to bed at all.  Under black clouds, I made an early exit on Sunday for the run home only having to doge the wallabies and KTM's making the most of the slightly muddy track.  A great ride with friends old and new and leaving me looking forward to the Trout Rally in November.

  • 24 Apr 2015 10:13 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Keen eyed members and adventure rider's Sue and Dave Morgan were travelling the Otway region (Vic) when they spotted a copy of Australian Trail Rider and this article on SPOT trackers.

  • 16 Apr 2015 15:06 | Bruce Barter

    Keep posting the ride photos but can I suggest that you add a caption of who and where to your post so we know a bit more about the ride.
    Thanks Bruce

  • 13 Apr 2015 22:58 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Martin Little, K1600GT

    I got away Easter Friday lunchtime from Sydney planning to take some of the back roads up to Rally HQ in Cundletown.  That plan changed when the traffic came to a grinding halt at Chatswood and I spent the next 90 minutes idling my way northwards up to Hornsby and the Freeway on-ramp along with 4 million other holiday makers.  And the K1600 is not exactly the sort of bike for lane splitting.

    Finally on the Freeway I made my way straight up to Cundletown checking into the motel late afternoon, which allowed me some breathing space prior to the riders briefing at 6:00pm.  It felt good to be finally at Rally HQ with my fellow FarRiders.

    The Rally briefing was short and succinct, and once we had our Rally Packs in our hot little hands and with Warchild wannabe’s (AKA as Shane Cudlin) strict instructions for the 6:00am start in the morning ringing in our ears we departed back to our rooms to make start our planning our route for the Rally.

    Unusually for me Basecamp worked pretty well and I had my route worked out pretty quickly followed by a double-check on the travel times using Google Maps.  Shane and Annette called in to check I wasn’t asleep on the job.  No chance of that!

    Got up early and repacked everything listening to the rain come down and hearing the first of the bikes fire up.  We all gathered on time (well most of us) in the correct location and sequence and were then flagged away in the rain by Warchild Shane Cudlin.  Not surprisingly most of the group took the turn towards to the freeway where you could then tell almost instantly where the riders came from (NSW or QLD). The NSWelshmen taking the right turn to head south and the Queenslanders turning left to head towards the border.  To say it was raining was an understatement, it was pouring cats and dogs making it a very wet ride in the dark on the Freeway.

    I was headed to Urana to see the Bonus Point with FarRider Mel via the bonus points in Sydney so it was straight into Sydney heading towards the Opera House as my first bonus point.  Wisely I took the Pennant Hills road this time and made good time to Kirribilli where my GPS promptly got confused in the tangle of streets.  Managed to locate the Bonus Point arriving with Knave as Farking Crappy was just departing.  Reread the bonus point instructions including checking the sample photo.  Went down the steps and took the photo, back to the bike to reread the instructions to then realise I had taken the wrong photo.  Stupid! Back down the steps saying goodbye to Knave as we passed each other.  Took the correct photo this time with the aid of a local fisherman who was looking very concerned with all the coming and goings.

    Back to the bike, wrote up the rally log and then got going over to the CBD for bonus points at the Conservatorium of Music (where I could shelter under a canopy from the rain) and then onto Loftus Street for the Obelisk where problem #2 arose.  After taking the photo of the Obelisk, and checking the camera, I realised my date and time was out by one day. Stupid again!  Feeling very flustered I got going out of Sydney heading southwest while I considered my options about what to do as I couldn’t afford to lose the bonus points from the Opera House.  While pondering my options the low fuel light started flashing.  Hmmm, I had planned to fuel up both bike and rider at Pheasants Nest but the strong head winds had killed my fuel consumption so it was onto the GPS for fuel which then directed me to a closed servo in Ingleburn.  Stupid again! Almost out of fuel I had no choice to head south to Campbelltown hoping I would encounter a servo open on Easter Saturday.  Finally some luck as I found a servo open and put 23.5 litres into the 24 litre tank breathing a sigh of relief as I got back onto the freeway and continued the ride southwest, stopping briefly at Pheasants Nest for a very quick brekkie as planned.

    Finally rode out of the rain at Goulburn and it was a dry run to Yass, the next planned Bonus Point.  In the end I discarded this one as I felt I had lost too much time to go into Yass so I continued onto the next BP at Gundagai, the Niagara Café.  As I walked into the Niagara I got a huge reception from the locals and the staff telling me to go over to the right spot and take your photo, and hurry up the other bloke is just ahead of you!  That really lifted my spirits!

    Back on the Freeway I headed for Wagga for a high value BP stopping to fuel up at Gumly Gumly on the Sturt Highway.  Once done I got on the phone to Rally Master Clint to explain the problem of the camera dates (aka my stupidity) and discuss options.  While Clint couldn’t help much with my stupidity, after much consultation the camera problem was resolved and I rode onto the War Memorial Arch in Wagga to take that photo in the pouring rain.  While I was setting up Crappy turned up and we collected the BP together and got riding again heading towards Urana.

    About 40kms east of Urana Knave passed me as headed back to Wagga, obviously he had been to Urana and we both gave each other a big wave which lifted my spirits gain.  Riding into Urana, I spotted Mel waving at me from down the main street so it was an easy job locating this Bonus Point.  Huge thanks to Mel for spending her Saturday afternoon waiting for who knows who to turn up and take photos of the park and her.  Well Mel, it was well worth the ride and it was great to chat to another FarRider.  Crappy turned up as I was leaving so I bade them farewell and promptly took the wrong direction out of town towards Dubbo despite the strict directions given to me by Mel.  10 kms down the road it slowly dawned on me why the GPS was going through a continuous recalculation phase issuing me new instructions.  (I was heading east back to Wagga when I should have been heading north to Dubbo) Problem finally noticed I took a few back roads to get me back on track and before long I was back on the Newell heading in the right direction.

    Settling into the ride as I headed north I slowly came behind another motorcyclist who turned out to be Crappy, so I hadn’t lost too much time in my little deviation.  Dusk was settling with the rain slowly becoming steadier.  This was making the road more slippery as if the shiny tar slicks (patches) on the Newell need any encouragement.  A gentle front end slide near the Temora turn off was enough to wind the pace off and I was content to watch Crappy’s tail light disappear towards West Wyalong.  Motoring into West Wyalong at 7:45pm I needed fuel.  This meant using the 24 hr machine in the local servo which worked well apart from the no receipt.  Hmmm this is a problem! Took a photo to prove I was there and wrote up the fuel log.  Decision time, keep going in the rain or pull stumps? I opted to take my rest bonus now and found a room in the Colonial Inn (whose staff were most helpful in assisting organising the early morning start I planned by providing a continental breakfast at 2:30am).

    Collected my receipt for the rest bonus and then wrote up the rally log before adjourning to the local Chinese restaurant for warm meal which was surprisingly good, then packed down for my 4 hrs sleep with sleep coming no problem.  Up at 2:30am, collected my receipt, wrote up the rally log, ate my continental brekkie and I was out on the Newell Highway right on 3:00am heading north to Narromine and Dubbo.

    The stars and moon were out making for very pleasant riding across the Western Plains.  I kept the speed down to a steady 80km/hr in recognition of the local wildlife.  The only excitement of this part of the ride came at 4:00am about 45kms outside of Forbes when an advisory sign warned of kangaroos for the next 10kms.  Bugger me! No sooner had I passed that sign then there were herds and herds of kangaroos illuminated in my headlight, on the side of the road watching me glide past.  It was surreal and lasted for what felt like 10kms! Motored through Forbes and then pressed onto Parkes thinking that a Maccas coffee would in order.  As I rode into Parkes I saw Fatman and Lynne The Pillion in the local servo so I gave them a big wave as I passed.  Stopped at the Maccas without realising it wasn’t open - gave Fatman and LTP a wave as they passed me trying to wrench the door of the Maccas to no avail.

      Oh well, got going again and headed for Narromine where I collected the bonus points at the Aviation Museum and then shot across in the dawn light to Dubbo for the Old Gaol Bonus Point. 

      I was just leaving when Fatman and Lynne pulled up. We spent a few minutes chatting and we departed our ways as I headed for Bulga via Dunedoo/Merriwa and they collected the Old Gaol BP.  Amazing how a few shared words with fellow FarRiders can lift your spirits.  Thanks to Fatman and Lynne!

    Really enjoyed the ride from Dubbo across to Dunedoo and Merriwa: dry roads, not much traffic and wide open skies made for a relaxing ride, a big change from Saturday.  Refuelled partially in Dunedoo (no premium so only put 5 litres into the K) and then continued on to Merriwa where I stopped again to refuel properly.  Fatman and Lynne were in the same servo so we swapped notes again before heading off to Bulga.  Traffic was much heavier as I got closer to Bulga and the temperatures were rising too.  Very pleasant.

    Arrived in Bulga to take the photo of the old bridge (from the wrong side!) and caught up with Wombattle who was just finishing up.  Chatted briefly and then got on with collecting these 2 Bonus Points.  Fatman and Lynne arrived as I was finishing up on the bridge, things were starting to getting busy!  Rode across to Singleton where I was hoping for a coffee and lunch but nothing open on Easter Sunday, so after shedding a few layers got riding heading for Dungog.

    Wow!  How good is that ride into Dungog! Woohoo, although I had to bow to Ed’s superior dirt skills on the only section of roadworks after having only passed him 500 metres earlier I was down to a crawl on the dirt, he sailed past me standing up on the pegs gravel surfing.  Once the roadworks were dispatched it was back up to warp speed (see you later Ed) as the road wound its way up the ridge line towards Dungog.  (Did I mention how good this road is?)

    Once in Dungog found the old Theatre Bonus Point and duly collected the required photo.  Chatted with Ed and then retired to the local café for the first coffee of the day and the best sausage roll this side of Dubbo (well the only sausage roll, but boy was it good).  Fatman and Lynne were so inspired by my choice of food and coffee they also stopped to partake in lunch.  As I was admiring their well set up RT1200, Lynne felt she might tempt me with a bold commercial deal on the K.  Alas I was awake to such opportunism, maybe next time guys! Leaving them to enjoy their lunch I carried on to Gloucester enjoying the sun and the roads to collect the oh-so-valuable after 2:00pm receipt.  Caught up with Bruce at the memorial lookout outside of Gloucester and then rode into town for the receipt, making sure that it was after 2:00pm!  Job done it was off to Cundletown collecting a few last bonus points along the way including a very elusive koala sign.

      With 45 minutes to spare I did some quick roadside routing with the GPS and diverted to pick up 2 more Bonus Points at Old Bar and the Care Farm, not high value but great “routing on the fly” practise.  Rolled into Rally HQ at 4:46pm to stop the clock and get the once over from Clint including proving my Rally Mug was intact.  Retired to my unit to complete my log and tally up the points and then nervously submitted myself to the scrutiny of the scorers who had cunningly placed some interrogation lights behind them.  Once this task was done it was time to relax and enjoy a beer and BBQ with the rest of the FarRiders before the results were announced.

    Well done to all who entered, these Rallies are something else and you have to participate to really understand what goes on and that feeling of camaraderie that comes from a shared endeavour.

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