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  • 21 Dec 2019 16:33 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    You can read up on the Club's December News here.

  • 19 Aug 2019 14:02 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    For members, see the attached BMWCA - News September 2019.pdf and of interest Bathurst Regional Council proposal for a second circuit at Mt Panorama and invitation for public comment.

    Garry Smee

    Chair BMWCA

  • 30 Jul 2019 20:08 | Anonymous

    Once again we were blessed with perfect riding weather. Some warm coffee and cakes in our bellies we set off to ride the outskirts of Canberra.   A solid 2 hours ride along country and suburban roads till we headed out the Kings Highway. The ever delightful ride up Smith's Gap and the bends along Norton Road made for some hearty appetites. 

    Lined up in the car park of the Contentious Character Winery, were a fine cross section of The BMW marque.

    While some of us found the menu to be slightly contentious,  we enjoyed some great banter. Congradulations to Sandra for taking home the Rolfe Classic BMW lucky rider prize.  It certainly was a great day, with fun people and great bikes. 

    The sun shining through the day made it a perfect ride.

    With so many rides happening in August and a heavy workload, my next club ride will be in Setember.  I plan to make this a day ride not to be missed!

  • 07 Jul 2019 18:12 | Anonymous

    Hi everyone,  

    Sorry I'm late posting the latest ride's write up this month, life has been quite busy to say the least!

    Two weeks ago, 10 brave souls donned the winter woollies and ventured out the West side of Canberra for our monthly Club ride.

    We started with tea, coffee, and freshly made muffins compliments of Rolfe Classic BMW Motorrad. Departing the dealership at 10.30am, we headed out through the Cotter and followed some interesting roads up to Yass. Here we found a unique cafe, complete with fireplace where we warmed our bones over more coffee and tea. Next stop was the historical Hall Village where we enjoyed a hearty lunch and each other's company. Our Lucky Rider prize was a limited edition Motorrad Wall Clock, and was won by John Howell. And once again we thank Rolfe Classic for their generous donation.

    Thanks to all who joined us, we enjoyed your company, (along with sunny skies and no kangaroos), and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


    Peter Roughley

    Ride Co-ordinator

  • 18 May 2019 16:26 | Anonymous

    Thanks to all who joined us today. We were certainly blessed with incredible weather. Thanks to Rolfe Classic Motorrad for our yummy cake and coffee to start the day. Each stop was a great social atmosphere where everyone enjoyed trading stories whilst sipping great coffee and some sweet treats. Congratulations to Alex for winning the rider prize. A Genuine OEM Major service kit to suit his bike compliments of Paula Williamson from Rolfe Classic Motorrad.  Winding up on schedule at Sutton Bakery I hope you all enjoyed the ride and watch "What's On" for next months event.  Again thanks to all for a fun day.

  • 12 May 2019 18:22 | Anonymous

    Rolfe Classic BMW Motorrad are offering Club Members a very special price on genuine service kits for your BMW motorcycle.

    To obtain a kit for your bike, please ensure you do the following:

    1) Supply your first and last name

    2) Supply your VIN number

    3) Supply a good contact phone number

    4) State whether you are requiring a major or minor service kit

    5( Email to

    6) Order cut off time is 3pm daily, and can take up to 48 hours, (if the parts have to come from Melbourne)  so allow time for processing plus any questions that may arise. to get it in by 3pm.

    Thank you

    Peter Roughley

    Ride Co-ordinator 

  • 06 May 2019 21:28 | Anonymous

    Just a quick note. May 18 is election day. We will be finishing our ride in Sutton. There are electoral booths at the Sutton School nearby.

  • 30 Apr 2019 12:17 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear reader,

    A somewhat delayed Monthly News following the Club AGM, BMW Clubs Australia AGM (as Chair) and first 2019 (new) Club Committee Meeting interspersed with Club rides, rallies and a 3000km loop through northern NSW with son Mitchell (Ducati ST4s) over the Easter - Anzac week concluding with the Autumn Leaf Rally last weekend. My remaining spare time @home saw the start on new barrels & pistons for the R100RS, continuing its theme of taking and not giving, as in wanting to be ridden.

    The AGM member turnout suggests you are all happy with the Clubs direction and activities.  So please join me in welcoming (new member) Peter Roughley as Ride Coordinator, Steve Hay taking on Social Secretary and Kim Tito the all-important Public Officer roles.  Continuing committee members include Ron Tito (Vice President), Bob Eccles (Treasurer), Mike Kelly (Membership), Martin Robertson (Secretary) and me as your President and continuing Chair BMWCA.

    Peter has already planned a number of rides and re-engaged with Rolfe BMW who have provided some 'lucky ride' prizes for riders on that ride.  Look for these and details on What's On. Who is BMW Clubs Australia?  Your Club is a foundation member of BMW Clubs Australia the umbrella entity for Official BMW Clubs in Australia and part of BMW Club and Community International (BCCI) with over 200,000 club members worldwide and headquartered in BMW Classic, Munich Germany.

    As an Official BMW Club, we receive financial support from BMW Group Australia in the form of PESP (Principle Event Support Program) that provides in-part raffle prizes to your Clubs Kosciuszko Rally in its 38th year and has allowed the Club to donate over $1000 annually to charity.  Most recently the Royl Doctor Flying Service, that all important friend and essential service to the adventure rider and outback community.

    As a member of an Official BMW Club and if you are traveling to Munich the Club can request on your behalf BMW Classic support in getting you personalised access to and tour of BMW Classic and BMW Weldt (museum).  BMW Classic staff are very generous with their time and appreciate the distance Australians in particular have to travel in getting to Europe.  Want to know how generous?  Catch up with Martin Robertson at an event and ask of his 2017 tour experience.  I have requested support on behalf of three members visiting Munich this June and European summer and look forward to hearing of their experience.  Lastly, the request must be made before you travel to Munich, through the Club to BMWCA and is subject to BMW Classic conditions, for example particular times and/or dates available.

    Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS).  If you do not own a BMW motorcycle that is 30 years old then this part will be of little interest.  If you do, then chances are your bike may already be on CRS and you a member of the Veteran Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club or one of the other CRS approved Clubs in Canberra.

    I have applied for and our Club granted affiliation with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs to operate a CRS for financial Club members.  There are strict legal requirements on owners and riders of CRS motorcycles and a member only web page will be online shortly.  The intention for our Club CRS owners is to enable them to undertake longer rides than those currently planned by other CRS Clubs.  We will also extend an invitation to other CRS Clubs and their members to join our rides.  All Club rides are open to any member and bike including those targeting CRS owners.

    Finally and as always, the Club is only as successful as members choose to make it.  Your committee are volunteers but one measure of success is participation in events by members.  If the option is there to register, please do, as that makes the coordinators role that much easier.

    Enjoy your ride

    Garry Smee
    President & Chair BMWCA

  • 16 Apr 2019 21:49 | Anonymous

    Hi All,

        Just want to introduce myself. I'm Pete Roughley the 2019/2020 Ride Coordinator.

    I have planned a number of monthly rides over the next 12 months. I am hoping to be able to mix it up a bit and be able to cater for both the TS and GS riders all in one ride.

    Our rides will range from Wine and Dine days, coffee rides, Poker runs and sit down lunches to name a few. I hope to see those pillion seats getting covered also. Ladies I haven't forgotten you, so I would be interested in any special requests.

    For those who don't know I am the proud owner of a shiny new K1600GTLE which was a lovely Valentine's Day present.

    I am lucky enough to have secured sponsorship for my planned rides from Rolfe Classic. This is fantastic support from our local Motorrad Dealer and confirms Rolfe's commitment to the BMW riding community. I cant tell you what we have, but I can tell you they are all great prizes and certainly worth winning. You have to be on the ride for a chance to win..

    As a show of appreciation  I will be starting most rides form Rolfe's who have also thrown in free coffee and cake to kick start  our Saturday rides.

    I hope to see you all at our rides and please try to register as some of our rides will need to be catered for. 

    Contact me at

    Ride for life.

    Pete Roughley

  • 20 Feb 2019 11:24 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

    Dear Reader,

    Please join me in welcoming our newest members Greg Chesher (K100RS) along with Alexander & Alicia Balas (F650GS Dakar) and make sure to say hello when you meet on their first and at your next event.

    Current members will have received their invitation to renew their ongoing membership with the Club for 2019.  Okay this might have looked like an invoice but the Club fiscal year ends on 28 February 2019.  At only $40 per annum this offers great value and I encourage each of you to continue your active membership with the Club.  New members from late 2018 have complimentary membership through to 28 February 2020.  Please email Membership Mike Kelly if you are not sure of your membership status.  If you are a current member and do not renew, then your access to the website and automated emails will stop in early March - so renew NOW.

    The Club has Single, Joint, Joint+ and Life memberships.  The first and last are straight forward but there is a difference between Joint (1 email address) and Joint+ (2 email addresses).  So if your partner wants all the Club emails and who wouldn't, then send an email to Mike as this requires some behind the scenes admin work to make sure you and partner are not paying twice for the one membership.  Include your name, partners name and email address.  The primary member must be and remain a current financial member of the Club for the Joint+ membership.

    You may be thinking of not renewing.  That's fine as we all have changes in our lives and riding opportunities.  But if you are not renewing because the Club didn't meet your expectation and you would like to tell me and share with the Committee so we can review then send me a confidential email.

    Last on the membership front, the Club prefers EFT payments and to make Treasurer Bob's life much easier please include the invoice number and as much of your surname as will fit in the description box.  Don't do EFT and want to help Australia Post?  Then let Mike know by email or carrier pigeon before your access to the website and emails are cut off in early March :(

    What's On has plenty of events but not reflected in the number of participants.  The Committee encourages rides and can put yours up on the calendar for other members to register to, but each event does need a coordinator.  Thinking of an event?  Then you only need send some basic details to including your name and email, event date & time, location of event/ride and basic description.  Don't want your personal email 'out there', no problem we can give you a one for the event.

    Club member recent events include the Phillip Island Classics, Binalong Club Meeting, pre-GS Safari night at Rolfe's, Karuah River Rally (Dungog way) and last weekend's ride to Blue Waterholes.

    On the way to Blue Waterholes, seeing but not twigging to or stopping at a Hi-Vis jumper 'beacon', my GS exhaust roused the owner of a broken down Hi Lux camped well off the main track who ran out to the following Glynn and David who did stop and his certain rescue.  Well confirmed the diagnosis of fuel pump fault before collecting his name, details and GPS location and passing these on to another 4WDer that in-turn radioed NSWNPWS for field assistance.  A job well done and goes to show you do not have to go very far to be remote in Australia. 

    All of these events made great riding over a mix of roads, different accommodation or just for the day.  On the road suggestions included one factor in non-participation was the lack of ride grading.  Look for this on future events and let me know what you think but the rider is responsible for their own skills assessment and participation in any event.

    Mark Saturday 30 March on your calendar and 2019 BMWMCCACT Inc. Annual General Meeting (Club Event).  This is your chance to participate in and contribute to your Club and I encourage each of us to look how we can to help out.  All Committee positions are declared vacant and nomination forms are on the event website.  There's even the encouragement of free food and drink (yes, with limits).  The formalities are kept to a minimum so there won't be any long speeches.  But it is a procedural requirement for our continuing incorporation.

    The following weekend has a (TBC) joint BMWTCNSW and our Club get together in Mallacoota Vic.  The NSW Tourer's have the lead on this event so keep an eye on What's On as this event planning evolves.  Our last get together in Bermagui NSW was a great success.

    That's it from me for another month.  Check out What's On, register to an event, spot the website page changes, give me & committee feedback, lead a ride and make the most of your membership with the Club - it only happens because of you.

    Enjoy your ride

    Garry Smee
    President & Chair BMWCA

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