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The President's Chronicle - November 2017

08 Nov 2017 14:25 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

Dear Reader,

 The Club's 36th Kosciuszko Rally was a great success and more importantly all who attended had a great weekend.  Didn't make it this year?  Well, why not bookmark next year's 37th Kosciuszko Rally, BMWMCCACT (Club Event).

Some members made the rally a day trip, others overnighted in Khancoban and the Club Rally cadre stayed at Geehi Flat under sunny skies and 28oC days with clear nights of ~10oC.  Through rally entrants, raffle tickets and Kransky sales your Club raised over $1000 and Committee considering its donation to a community group (more next month).  This is an outstanding result and worthy challenge to other Club's.  Special thanks to Bob Eccles and help in setting up Friday; Anna Tasker & Dave Prest (+bread roll conveyance) for crewing Saturday night's Kransky counter; Peter (Hoss) Horsburgh, Dave Prest and Martin Robertson for cooking Sunday morning egg n bacon rolls and dispensing espressos to the assembled masses; and Sunday afternoons 'clean-up' crew.  Not forgetting the other Club members and motorcyclists who made it to Geehi in support of the rally.

BMW Group Australia generously supports our and other Offical BMW Clubs through the Principal Event Sponsorship Program (PESP) in the form of BMW dollars.  Your Club used this to offer as major raffle prizes pairs of BMW ProSummer and ProWinter Gloves and a BMW Softbag with a combined retail value over $800.  Thank you BMW Group Australia and Rolfe Classic BMW Motorrad.  The Club sponsored a range of smaller prizes, awards and trophies whilst the Morgan Family donated prizes as well.  The softbag went to a rally entrant with respective glove winners living a day-ride away and once we receive the gloves I will organise a Club ride and listed on What's On for their handover.   

Please join me in welcoming David Rowe (R1200GSA), Douglas Ward (R1200RT) and Upadhyay Sumit (G650GS) to the Club and rather than wait for them to introduce themselves, why not extend your hand of friendship in welcoming them to the Club.  You have joined now come on a Club ride or event?

2017 Member Survey.  Statistically respondent numbers were light on so either you are all happy with the Committee and by extension Club operations or you couldn't find the 15 minutes to complete it.  I'll go with the first part.  So what did I find out?  Details are on the website, but the Club membership is greying (more) or a light silver shade for our fairer members, predominately rides R & G series models with GS variants the most common and riding well under 10k km per annum, a few in the ~20k km often on more than one bike and our Iron Butt enthusiasts riding 60k+ km a year.  Where do we ride?  Well, this was spread across the <1/2 day, day, overnight and multi-day ride options on main, secondary sealed and good dirt roads but not reflected in event registrants or participants.  Maintenance was split between dealer, independent and DIY mechanics.

Conclusions?  The Club Committee will consider the results and comment in future event planning, but experssing an interst is not the same as actually registering and attending a ride or event so there may be unintended bias to the organiser or popular rides and events.  Still not seeing an event of your interest?  Well let the Committee know - contact details are on the website or see us at an event.

Do You Want a Membership Card?  A recent update to Wild Apricot allows you to print a personalised membership card.  
Look for yours in the 'profile' section once you have logged on to the website.  The format and content are predetermined but if your card looks out of place send me an email.   

As the Club year ends Social Sec. Martin has arranged our BMWMCCACT Awards & Christmas Lunch (Club Event) at Rodney's Pialligo.  The planning and event booking is contingent on getting a minimum 15+ members from a potential pool of 103 as I write this month's chronicle.  Bookings close soon.

Upcoming Rides.  Check out What's On but there are rides to Bredbo and Kangaroo Valley along with the MRA 37th Toy Run is on Saturday 9 December leaving Old Parliament House at 10am with on-site activities from 8am.  You can help spread the word by sharing or printing and posting the MRA's flyer and attached here.

Don't forget you can find us on Facebook to share your ride pictures and story or use the Club website blog.   What's more, if you're planning a ride and looking for company then send me an email with the details and I'll post it to the website.  There is currently no capacity for same day service other than sharing your ride on Facebook.

Enjoy the ride,

Garry Smee



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