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The President's Chronicle - May 2017

10 May 2017 13:49 | Garry Smee (Administrator)

Dear Friend of the Club,

  Welcome to Autumn riding and I hope you are making the most of the cool but generally sunny days by getting out on your bike.  On behalf of our members, I would like to welcome Leigh Neilson to the Club and look forward to meeting him on a ride or at an event.

  The most up to date Club event information is on What's On including a registration option that is an increasingly important tool used to plan and organise Club events and I continue to encourage all members and visitors to use it.

  As an Official BMW Club, I attended the 2017 BMW Clubs Australia AGM as your delegate in Melbourne recently.  In a return to the past and change to more recent years, the 15 Motorcycle and Car Club delegates met at BMW Group Australia's Mulgrave Vic HQ.  We were fortunate to have BMW GA Chief Executive Marc Werner welcome us and had presentations from Andreas Lungren Motorrad and Lenore Fletcher / Erin Burl / Siobhan Kircher from Corporate Communications.  This is testament to the value BMW Ag, BMW Classic via Clubs International and BMW GA places on BMW owners, Official Club's and Club Members in particular.  I have posted an edited copy of the Motorrad presentation here (9MB).  The full version (410MB) includes BMW You Tube video and too large to post, simply search for BMW Motorrad or G310, HP4, K1600 Bagster and RnineT Urban G/S as new models or take your pick from the whole channel of video. 

  BMW Motorrad has 59 base model motorbikes with a multitude of from factory or at dealer options in showrooms for 2017.  During the latter part of 2017 Motorrad will be introducing the entry level and LAMS approved G310R and GS for ~A$7000 ride away; for the aspiring racer the carbon fibre HP4 can be ordered - but be quick as of the 750 'hand-made' bikes only 10 are coming to Australia; and my favourite the RnineT variant G/S Urban reminiscent of the original 1980's R80G/S.  I have recovered from my R100GS PD experience but still have a R100RS in the garage. 

  Total membership across all Clubs was steady at 1969 for bikes and 1883 for cars at census night 31 Dec 16.  Although we all experience a degree of churn, that is members who join perhaps for a year before leaving to be replaced by another new member.  This suggests that our & other Clubs are not delivering on the expectation of members.  Your Committee recognises this and seeks to have a mix of part, day, overnight and multi-day TS and GS rides and social events.  There is no expectation that all members want/would/will go to all events, but if you are not seeing something you want then please contact me as President and Ride Coordinator or Martin Robertson as Social Secretary.  Even better, why not help the Committee out by planning or running an event?  Free training, mentoring and support offered to any volunteer.

  Whilst some Clubs continue with a paper magazine, reflective of the costs involved more and more are/were going to a PDF or online variant and increasing use of social media to communicate with members.  Your Club website contains a wealth of information accessible via the right hand side drop down menu and whilst some pages are public, others are only accessible to members so why not have a look when you are next online.  Members also have the option to post pictures, add to the blog and have access the Club Facebook page.  For those with a keen eye, look in your search bar for our icon and that the website is now in the https:// domain increasing the Clubs and your online security.

  Not getting Club event emails?  The Club uses your email address as the basis for your financial membership including profile (personal information).  You have complete control over both and importantly if you are not getting emails it may be that your email software is blocking and moving them to a SPAM or Junk folder.  You can also select what type of emails you would like to receive other than administrative ones (eg: renewal notifications).  For our Joint members (member + partner) typically only one person chooses to get emails from the Club, however for those that would both like emails we have the Joint+ option.  If this appeals to you or your partner, please email Membership Secretary Mike Kelly as we need to set this up back-of-house to make sure you both do not start getting a membership renewal notice.

Enjoy the ride,

Garry Smee

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