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Club Person of the Year

 2017 John Howell
 2016 David Morgan
 2015 John Kemp / Kevin Fowler
 2014 Jane Smee
 2013 Bill Brown
 2012 Neville (Taffy) Williams


The Committee has agreed (2015) to implement a point score system in awarding the 'Club Member of the Year' (CPoY) trophy.  Points will be awarded to Members who register and attend designated club events.  These are marked on the Event calendar after the title as a 'Club Event'.

  1. The CPoY is only open to financial members of the BMWMCCACT during the period 1 March to the 1st Monday in December each year.
  2. The CPoY award will be presented to the Member with the most points at the Club's Award and Christmas Function.
  3. New Members who join after 1 March will be credited the lowest number of total points amongst active members plus the points of after their first attendance to a Club Event.
  4. The Committee Members are not eligible for CPoY but can accumulate points (as their reward is being on the Committee).

You will be awarded points on your validated attendance at 'Club Events' for:

  • Club Monthly Meeting or Breakfast Ride (part day), 2 points
  • Day Ride (separate to or following a Club Meeting), 2 points
  • AGM & Kosciuszko Rally, 6 points
  • Overnight ride, 4 points
  • Multi-day ride >1 night, 6 points

Members can register for an event before and up to 24 hours after each club event, after which the event will be locked.  It is your responsibility to register for an event and Vice President may validate your attendance and resolve any disputes.

If you do not register for an event, you will not be awarded any points, even if you do or have attended an event.  This process intended to encourage member interaction with the Club, facilitate event planning and make the VP's role somewhat easier.  In case of disputes, the VP decision is final.

Upside Down Award

Awarded in good spirit to the Club Member who has the misfortune to leave their motorcycle in a spectacular if inglorious manner.


2017Graeme JonesOn his way to the Far Cairn Rally and entering the Tottenham service station Graeme clipped the kerb flipping his trailer and dropping his K1100RT.  More emotional than physical damage to rider and bike.  
 2016Bob EllisonWhilst returning from the 2016 Off Centre Rally at Mungerannie SA Bob dropped his 2nd F800GS in Cooper Creek SA.  After an 8-week repair, the bike was written off.
  2015Simmo JatinnenWhilst crossing Angle Crossing near Williamsdale ACT, Simmo drowned, writng off his week old R1200GSA.
 2014Bob EllisonHaving taken up adventure riding Bob terminally crashed his 1st F800GS on the Bobeyan Road, near Brayshaws Hut ACT.


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